Double Take: Why I Don’t Mind Fatal Frame Wii U Being Digital Only in North America

Fatal Frame is hitting the Wii U in North America, but there won't be a physical release for this title. Is that okay with you? Shawn Long takes a look at the situation.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1154d ago

It doesn't bother me because I take good care of my system and therefore don't expect to lose any data, and I have an external HDD storage for it, like most people do for their systems these days.
After all the early worries surrounding it, I'm just glad it's coming overseas at all.

superchiller1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

It really doesn't matter if you "take good care of" your system, all electronics are subject to possible failure, with or without "good care". So that doesn't really protect your investment.

And it also doesn't matter that you have an "external HDD for it", because that HDD can also fail, and it is also 100% tied to your specific console. If your console fails, the hard drive becomes worthless, because it will only work with the console it is configured for. You can't just plug that HDD into a different Wii U, it won't work at all.

Also, buying digital games from Nintendo is a huge risk; they tie all digital purchase to a specific piece of hardware, not an account. If your hardware fails, there is no easy way to transfer your library to another consle; you have to jump through a bunch of silly hoops with Nintendo, and even then nothing is guaranteed.

No one should buy anything digitally from Nintendo, until they wake up and implement a half-decent DRM policy that protects their consumers.

wonderfulmonkeyman1154d ago

While it's true that Nintendo needs a better account system, fear of what might happen shouldn't be a deterrent from getting games digitally.
Especially considering Nintendo's consoles have the best track record as far as hardware failure goes.
If you take good care of It, Nintendo's products tend to last their whole 5 year cycles easily.

Also, the "hoops" that people have to jump through have been greatly exaggerated countless times.
There's honestly no real need to worry about buying digital on Nintendo's systems, so long as you are careful with your hardware.

Spotie1154d ago

C'mon, monkeyman. It isn't a "fear" of something happening. It's the comprehension that something DOES happen.

How often do physical copies of games just... go bad? Outside of the hardware they run on, what else do physical copies rely on in order to work?

Quite literally, Nintendo- or any company- could revoke your right to play a given digital game for whatever reasons they see fit; you think they can pull that off with a physical copy? You may be able to redownload a game if something goes wrong locally... assuming the source for said download is still up and running.

I'd much rather not have these concerns to consider in the first place.

jc485731154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

just the simple idea that the game can circulate around physically for a long time doesn't excite people? Love it when my favorite games are still up on Ebay for other gamers to grab.

wonderfulmonkeyman1154d ago

I get what you're saying, Spotie, but in all my years of gaming, only three times have I ever had any sort of non-hardware-related issues with any of my games.
Once with an NES Zelda cartridge who's battery-backed save function stopped working, a second instance of the same thing for my first copy of Oracle of Ages on GBC, and two or three years ago when a copy of CoD Ghosts on Wii U somehow got a little piece of the disk smudged on the inside for some unknown reason, making it impossible to load.

Not once in all my years of gaming have I had issues with digital stuff.
And if I started ignoring digital games simply because the account system isn't ideal, I would miss out on owning games as fun as Fatal Frame: MoBW.

And as far as them revoking my rights to play them, the answer is simple:
I don't give them a reason.
I don't take the risk of modding my consoles or using third party programs, and I don't use exploits or glitches in online games that would get me in trouble.
And I pay close attention to announcements regarding games I own.
That way, if there are any major bugs going around before or after a patch that might put my system or digital purchases at risk, I can be forewarned and wait until they're fixed.

Outside of the risk of the parts in my console overheating due to the weather (there is no insulation in my house. Yes, summer sucks like this), I quite literally have nothing to fear from purchasing digitally.

I don't know if you even want the game, Spotie, but for me, knowing that something COULD happen, when it's so incredibly unlikely given how well I care for my stuff, isn't a good enough excuse to scare myself away from owning a great game.

I too prefer physical when I can get it.
In fact, if the NX were all digital without some serious policy adjustments and a way of trading in games digitally like Steam lets us do, I wouldn't get an NX.

But I'm not going to shy away from digital purchases over what-ifs and do-happens, because I'm cautious enough that they don't affect me.

N4g_null1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

I have one of every nintendo console.... they still work. Sony consoles 3 ps1s, 4 ps2s,all broken and sit in the closet of shame, one ps3 that I only play digital one because for some reason sony made optical drives but can't keep their own working... while my old win 95 cd burner still works along with all of my nintendo disk based consoles.

I'm just saying how much does nintendo make system that magically break? I don't even want to talk about Xbox lol.

The account system needs to happen. I'm tired of disks. It's so cool to just tap on the game and it works. It should be an option though, disk based games.

Also if you have your nn I'd you can get your games back, pretty easy. It's not perfect but here is the info...

According to Nintendo's support, which I called (and recorded) minutes ago. If your console is damaged beyond repair or stolen, support will help you transfer your ID from that console to a new one. Here is what you need (according to them) to do that:

Nintendo network IDOld console serial number

Verification of 2 or 4 of these:

last 4 of CC used in purchasing from accountClub Nintendo User nameControl number from a funds cardTitle purchases/quantities/dates of some of your games

I know that in the recent past some people have had problems, and I do not claim that this is how it worked before or that I am sure this works now, as I have not tried it and I have only spoken with one support representative.

But this appears to be Nintendo's policy, and while it is imperfect, I see no justification for the fear of permanently losing money spent on digital downloads.

I'm pretty sure you could transfer this hardware approach to a network Id approach.

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deafdani1154d ago

Monkey, I can't believe I'm going to say the following, but... I actually agree with Chiller on this one.

Hardware can fail, even with Nintendo, although you're right that they have the best record when it comes to hardware quality. That doesn't stop the Wii U from being susceptible to accidents, or stealing.

And yes, the hoops one must go through to get your stuff with Nintendo are really cumbersome. I say this from personal experience. My launch day Wii U got stolen, and I had to go through a lot of said hoops with Nintendo's customer service, and in the end, I got a check for 100 canadian dollars, which was more or less the amount of money I'd spent on digital Nintendo games by that point. It took around a month and a half to come to that.

My PS3 was also stolen, and as soon as I got another PS3, I just logged in with my PSN ID (I'd already changed the password long ago to protect it, of course), and redownloaded all the stuff I had purchased previously.

So, I sympathize with people getting annoyed by Fatal Frame being digital-only (although I understand this decision was probably because a physical release just wasn't worth the investment for Nintendo). And I have a 2 TB hard-drive, so it's not a problem for me, but I understand why it may be for other people.

jc485731154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

and region lock stinks.

wonderfulmonkeyman1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Well, again, the coulds and maybes and what ifs aren't any different with physical stuff than with Digital, Dani.

Let me give you a perfect true-story example:

Due to various circumstances, I once lived with my grandmother, and as a kid, I asked for siblings.
I ended up getting a foster brother and sister.
The sister grew up to be evil and immoral, and the brother followed her footsteps despite my best efforts.

Why is this relevant?

The sister, was a thief.
And the brother naturally became one too.

In the end, I ended up losing every single game I had to him, for all my systems.
PS2, SNES, Genesis, N64, all of their games.
I've also lost games to him sitting on the disk cases and other various mishaps.

Now, given all that has happened to my physical collection, shouldn't I be wary of the risks and not go physical?

No, of course not.
Most of my current collection is still physical now that I'm out on my own.
I know the risk of it being stolen by a random burgler, or me doing something dumb that could harm the disks, is still there, but I have physical goods regardless.

I don't use the fear of losses as an excuse to avoid a game.
It isn't worth missing out, especially when there's only one way TO get it.
Accidents and misfortune can happen to any collection, physical or digital.

The same applies to this situation: MoBW being digital only isn't an issue to me because, in my eyes, the risks of loss are equal.

Further, even if it means jumping through hoops, at least being digital gives me a CHANCE at recovering them in certain situations.
With physical games, one good enough scratch, dent, or thief means you're re-purchasing that game no matter how much you wish it could be recovered.

While I'd gladly get the game physically if it were an option, I won't skip on it just because it's digital.
S**t happens, but if it does, the risks are there regardless of the type of game it is, so I can get over it.

rjason121154d ago

I don't get this reasoning, I absolutely hate not having a physical copy, at the very NOA should put a limited edition to buy from their store, hell they should of also done that for the smaller new 3DS since we are the only country not getting that.

deathtok1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

No physical copy, no purchase.

I'm not buying into a game that I'll lose if my console falls into disrepair or NOA takes it offline.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

So basically you are throwing away your chance of playing the game.


SolidGear31154d ago

Least we're getting it after being snubbed the last time around.

Pozzle1154d ago

Exactly. I've been wanting to play a new Fatal Frame game since waaaaaay back when Fatal Frame 3 was released. We've already been snubbed once (with FF4), I'm just happy we're not being snubbed again!

Loadedklip1154d ago

Considering we almost didn't get this game ... this is better than nothing.

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