Short Pause Podcast #39: Black Ops 3 Beta Hands-On; Destiny Year 2 Reveal; Will NX Be All-Digital?

Short Pause:
"The Short Pause crew chimes in on the latest happenings within the video game industry. The topics this week include:

The Fall Rush Begins - A ridiculous amount of games are coming out starting this Tuesday, and the fellas don't know if they're quite ready for the Fall rush of games yet.

Destiny Year 2 Revealed - Bungie's Year 2 live stream unveiled a host of sweeping changes coming to Destiny with The Taken King, and Bender and the fellas are pumped to finally take the fight to Oryx in a few weeks time.

Nintendo's Mysterious Patent - The guys discuss the recently revealed Nintendo console patent, its lack of a disc drive, and what this means in relation to the NX, as Ben wonders if maybe this is too forward thinking for Nintendo.

This week's new releases, what we've been playing, and much, much MORE!"

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TheDude791886d ago

I'm totally cool with NX going all-digital as long as I'm given more than 32GB of internal HD space! External HDD support is welcome, but lets pretend not all games are 2GB or less!