Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Monster Hunter 3

The Monster Hunter series is revered by fans, and closely safeguarded by Capcom. The series has so far been benefit to a PlayStation2 release and two PlayStation Portable titles in Europe – of which, it is highly regarded that Monster Hunter: Freedom and Monster Hunter: Freedom 2 alone "saved" the PlayStation Portable system in Japan; a feat that not even the mighty Final Fantasy series was able to accomplish, despite also having pretty enviable sales figures. After the cancellation of the one-time exclusive PLAYSTATION3 title, Monster Hunter 3, and it's realignment for Nintendo's Wii, most were expecting to see it on show at this year's E3, at least in video format.

However, it was confirmed some days before the show that Monster Hunter 3 would not be available at any point. And so, you may well ask why Electronic Theatre has still decided to cover the title? And of course, that answer is one which many of our regulars will be very aware of by now: the lack of anything official doesn't stop Electronic Theatre journalists digging, and finding tasty new titbits on your behalf.

Being heavily advocated by Capcom as the official third title in the franchise – despite...

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Pain4834d ago

MH3 on wii..............Talk about a step back.....poor game could have been great on PS3.

ChickeyCantor4834d ago

It is still a step forward, it seems Wii can do more than last gen =).


kevco334834d ago

People seem to forget that Wii IS actually MORE powerful than a GameCube - and an Xbox for that matter.

ArtisianDragon4834d ago

Lost almost all hope for this game, not hearing much about it lately and it "supposedly" supposed to be coming out early of next year. I mean come on new screens or trailer would be ideal :(

mgirl4834d ago

Maybe thay just went back to the drwing baoird for it on Wii?

ArtisianDragon4834d ago

Hopefully there not trying to think up a lot of new ideas, they already have all the monsters if they look at Frontier, and 2G. All they will probably be working on is the motion controls and possible the use of the GC controller (If they do).

But, still even if they went back to the drawing board, they should have some testers working on the controls now. Video tape that and post it online instant new footage that would be great :p