Star Citizen Ex-Backer Threatens Legal Action Against Cloud Imperium Games

Derek Smart, an ex-backer of Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen has announced on his personal blog that his lawyers have sent the company a “demand letter”, which insists that Cloud Imperium Games reveal a release date for the game. The letter also demands a “complete forensic accounting” to find out what they’re actually doing with all the Kickstarter funds.

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xarexerax1151d ago

I'm not sure demanding a release date has any real standing, but accounting for the funds seems reasonable enough.

GigawattConduit1151d ago

I'm not a law guy, but he can't have much of a case here...right? He can't just demand they announce a release date, especially if it's true and he was trying to use the Kickstarter to pimp his own game.

Avery1151d ago

This guy is just vying for attention. Him trying to sue is just taking from the company making the game yet he says he is doing it for everyone. No mate you are doing it for you, hurting the game because you want the attention and people to look up your failed MMO on Steam. It's nothing to do with what they are doing with the money, the weekly and daily updates talk to that. It's about an attention seeking little child.