Square Enix Working Through Trial And Errors For Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Battle System

“As far as its visual direction goes, we already have a good idea. On the other hand, we’re advancing through trial and errors as far as the battle system goes,” said Yoshinori Kitase.

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DarkOcelet1153d ago

The battle system is going to stark a big controversy among its fans.

Hopefully the gameplay is amazing though and hopefully the graphics exceeds FFXV which looks really damn good.

Lennoxb631153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I don't think they're making it for fans of the original. I think they are trying to get more people into FF. People who wouldn't have been interested in FF if this was just a remaster.

That has been the plan for the most recent FF's. I don't think Square Enix is going to lose any fans from changing gameplay a little. That's why some of the biggest franchises can go through changes and still sell.

A remake isn't all for nostalgia. It's to modernize it as well. If a movie gets remade, it doesn't just bring it forward while keeping the same exact quotes. They rewrite them around the same idea (while keeping some of the more famous quotes).

-Foxtrot1153d ago

Isn't that the whole point of FF15

FF15 - It's new, it's different, it has a bigger chance of drawing in new fans and those they lost with FF13

FF7 Remake - For old fans as they've been asking for it for years. Hopefully it will be just as good to get new fans aswell but they should like the game for what it was. If you change a game to suit new fans then they don't like the old game....they like something completely different.

MasterCornholio1153d ago

The remaster already exists.


You can still remake the game and keep the gameplay the same.

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kayoss1153d ago

But one of the key element that made FF7 special was its battle system. Yes it was turned base but for a good reason. With how the the Materia and summons work in FF7, im not sure how they will implement it if they were going with an action battle system. The enemies in FF7 are elemental base and are weak against certain elements and im not sure how we would change elemental attacks or spell on the fly if its action based. But i guess we have to wait and see.

Irishguy951153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Seriously Kayoss?

Some people have literally no imagination. FF7 could easily be converted to Action. You guys act like Action RPGs are just action games.

Foxtrot, it doesn't matter. None of the FF7 devs want to keep the same battle system. The vast majority of gamers prefer action based over turn based. THeres simply a bigger market for this remake. The devs have consistantly said the battle system will be different.

capn_crunch1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Don't act like no fans of the original want to play it in a new way either. I'd be happy with any battle system that's not the FF13 one, to include action rpg combat.

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AnotherProGamer1153d ago

FFVII is running on Unreal 4 and its more linear than FFXv so of course it will look better

nitus101153d ago

Simple just give the option of "Active Turn Base" or "Turn Base". The last three Final Fantasy games prior to FF7 had this. Basically FF7 was a departure from that by just having "Turn Base" only.

Of course they could go with the paradigm system of FF13 or even something like the ATB/TB programming style of FF12 but I do think this will create even greater controversy.

Personally I would like to see the "Battle Arena" done away with like they did in FF12 where there is no change in your environment and you can even move around or run away if required. This type of thing is fairly common to action RPG's. I do have the feeling that this would not be a popular move especially for nostalgia buffs.

BTW. FF10 was also "Turn Base" only, but it did have the feature of being able to swap in and out party members so all participating party members gained experience. FF12 also had this feature but only surviving members got the battle experience.

Twinblade1152d ago

If they change it to hack and slash FF, I am going to be really pissed off.

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ThatEnglishDude1153d ago

"we’re advancing through trial and errors as far as the battle system goes"

That translates to me as:

"We have no idea what the [email protected]#$ we're doing."

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-Foxtrot1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

They are doing trail and errors yet I really feel like we'll see it either being like Final Fantasy 15s battle system or Final Fantasy 13s

Can we just have a faster paced turn based combat with something like the ring system found in Lost Odyssey which keeps you more engaged.

I know it's wrong to think but hopefully if they p*** off old fans with whatever they do the uproar will help them to go on a better path with Final Fantasy 8 when they remake that one.

showtimefolks1153d ago


I think they will go with something like ff15 gameplay to be honest with you. I see square enix going with eal time combat for all future ff games

ff7 might be a remake but I think they will choose real time gameplay to attract those new to ff series. ff7 will very likely come after ff15 so they will want those new fans who bought ff15 based of real time gameplay to buy the remake too

Atleast that's what I am hoping for

ninsigma1153d ago

I'm hoping it won't be like 13. I'd rather the remake wasn't turn based but I would pick copy paste combat from the original oversions ff13 combat xD

I do hope it will be a more advanced ff15. It's what I've always wanted from an ff7 remake.

Roccetarius1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Fox, even you should know that FF7 wasn't turn based, considering it was an active timer system.

FF7 was like FF12, but the combat presentation is different. That's the simplest way to put it.

You do mention Lost Odyssey, which had the ring system (even if simple) and was actually turn based. I would have no complaints if they made it like that, but chances are they're going to cater to the action crowd.

Being brutally honest here, fluff the action crowd in this case.

nitus101153d ago

Sorry FF7 was "Turn Based" only and was a departure from previous FF games which had the option of "Active Turn Base" as well.

FF12 was both TB and ATB as well as having the ability to program each character's battle styles and reactions to different enemy actions and their attributes as well as reacting to their party members statuses.

As an example. You could program one character to cure any party member of poison while another could cure party members if their health dropped below say 50% with an item or spell.

Personally I don't think full action would work well with a party unless you have a means of programming your party members. In games like Skyrim your party members are basically un-killable although they can be put out of action for a short while and you can kill them permanently yourself if you are not careful.

Saigon1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

To me they should add two battle system method and the player chooses which to use. A new redesigned battle system and the classical, original system.

ninsigma1153d ago

We'd like the game to release! XD

Whatever way they do it, one group is not going to be happy. I'll be happy either way. Why?? Because it's and ff7 freakin remake! :D

trenso11153d ago

FF7 was ATB FF13 was just fast ATB so knocking FF13 for FF7 doesnt make sense. Knocking FF13 for auto battle yes but the hard fights in the game could not be won win with auto battle

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showtimefolks1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

please make it real time like ff15. if you want to attract more gamers than turned based is not the route to go Atleast in my personal opinion

make all future ff games real time combat.

I am buying ff15 because it's not turn based

and I will buy ff7 als if it's not turned based

you can hate my opinion but turned based work for its time but now technology has advanced to a point where they don't to rely on turned base and instead can focus on real time cinematic game play

again I am not saying my opinion is right or it matters more Than others. if square enix wants my money than ff7 needs to be real time is all I am saying. I am not a fan of turned based gameplay


like I said technology has come so far that they can achieve so much going with real time gameplay.


true if they keep it old school Than not many new fans will buy it and if they change it than old school fans will not be happy either

they are in a tough spot for sure

I say ff15 is kind of a new beginning got ff series and any new fans who buy it and like the gameplay will most likely also pick up ff7 remake if the gameplay is sort of same with improvements

Lennoxb631153d ago

Although I still like turn based, I agree with you. Turn based was good for its time.

xPaYDaYx1153d ago

I agree that a lot of gamers (at least in the west) like super fast paced action games. Though if they choose to go that route with every single future FF, which game series will fill the voice? I know I would be quite sad, I love me some turn-based gameplay.

trenso11153d ago

Just because it isnt a turn bassed game doesnt mean it has to be super fast paced.

Eiyuuou1153d ago

Yet in this day and age, turn based is as popular as ever. Just look at the SMT series for example.

showtimefolks1153d ago

is that why ff15 is not turned based? I just gave my opinion and if you don't agree that's fine

but I personally don't like turn based gaming that's all my point is

Eiyuuou1153d ago

Oh don't get me wrong, I like action battle systems as much as you do, but I'd like to see another decent ATB-styled FF again, and FFVII would be perfect.

XboxOneX1153d ago

Respect needs to be EARNED!

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JJShredder1153d ago

No matter what they do, it's going to Pi$$-off huge chunks of people.

I absolutley adore FF7 but it should never of been remade in the first place.

Just like Half-life 3 should never be made either, it will never live up to fan expectations just like this remake.

I will , in hypocritical fashion, buy both of them of course.....SMH...

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