Epic Gears of War 360 Case Mod

Ripten writes:

"There are case mods, and then there are epic case mods. This bad boy not only screams Gears of War, it looks like it belongs in the damn game itself. Dark and gritty with a fiery glow inside -- If I didn't know any better, I'd think it had a few Locust inside ready to surface at any moment.

While the mod looks like it was forged on the blood stained soil of Sera itself, the highly detailed work is that of 24 year old Dallas Texas based artist, Frank Gonzales (DFW Monkie). Kudos to Frank. This is hands down the best Gears case mod I've ever seen.

Hit the jump for a video and a few more detailed photos of the case."

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wardrox4324d ago

A true console for this generation, brown.

Sandwich Bender4324d ago

I'm not a huge fan of Gears, but that is a damn fine mod.

Fishy Fingers4324d ago

Not really my thing, but at least this one is nicely put together and time was obviously taken.

thereapersson4324d ago

It really does the logo justice. I love the molding around the rest of the case. I wonder how long it took?

mfwahwah4323d ago

The molding is actually the part I didn't like, but overall it was still a really good job. Personally, I wouldn't want one, but I do respect this guys work.

Nostradavis4323d ago

I would buy it if I could afford it.

Scelestus4324d ago

That there 360s been rollin' in the cow dung, might have to put her down.

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The story is too old to be commented.