Yakuza 5: Open World Action Across 5 Cities in Japan

Posted by John Hardin on Aug 25, 2015 // PR Manager, ATLUS:

Yakuza 5 will be coming out later this year, and we have some more information for those of you eager to jump into the seedy underbelly of Japan!

Let’s start of with stuff you probably know about: Yakuza 5 has five protagonists, and takes place across five major Japanese cities. Important to note — each protagonist engaged with the criminal organization in the past, and are about to get pulled right back into the midst of it.

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Bennibop1202d ago

Hope this is coming to the EU also!!

LordMaim1201d ago

Goddamn, I cannot wait!

Sonyslave31202d ago

^__^ Just brought another ps3 for this bad boy .

ThePsychoGamer1202d ago

Wow, I was sure that Taiko Drum Master would be cut from the western release, next thing you know they will announce there have been no cuts

On that note, I got a game to preorder.

showtimefolks1202d ago

Sega will say we did release yakuza 5 and it didn't sell well so no need for future yakuza games in the west. but all I got to ask is why would you release yakuza 5 in one of the busiest holiday seasons of the past few years(games wise)

it was announced last year at psx and all they had to do was add English subs. also what I don't get is why don't Sega have the option for English subs so we can get the game from Japan and enjoy it day one

it's like us yakuza fans are published for liking this game

I have bought every yakuza game on ps3 and even on ps2. so why do I have to beg to play my favorite gaming series

please notice Sega please

sincerely a loyal fan of yakuza series

LordMaim1201d ago

"all they had to do". Localizing a game like Yakuza isn't a quick turnaround.

TheColbertinator1202d ago

Buying Yakuza 5 on the first day. Huge anticipation

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