Square Enix giving away actual island in Just Cause 3 competition

Square Enix is giving away an actual, real-life island to the winner of a newly announced Just Cause 3 competition. To receive the special code required to participate in this contest, you must pre-order the game.

“The contest will be an exercise in destruction, with participants racing to score the most Chaos Points by unleashing Rico Rodriguez’s collection of guns, bombs, vehicles and his faithful grappling hook to wreak havoc all over the in-game island of Medici,” Square Enix said in a press release. “The more creative and inventive the mayhem, the more Chaos Points players will earn, with an actual island at stake for the top-scoring winner.”

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SaveFerris1520d ago

Aww. Sadly it is North America only.

DarkOcelet1520d ago

Why is this NA only dammit? Sigh!

I wanted that island :/

Ken851520d ago

Didn't Square do this exact same thing in the 90's for some Final fantasy game? I remember hearing that on Giant Bombs podcast.

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The story is too old to be commented.