Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trailer Is an Emotional "Thank You" to the Fans

Many grew up as gamers watching Metal Gear Solid trailers personally cut by Hideo Kojima. Generation after generation, they always made you dream about great games to come, and the games almost never disappointed.

Today Konami released what's probably Kojima-san last Metal Gear Solid trailer. The legendary director is bound to leave the company soon, also leaving the franchise behind. It's the end of an era.

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DarkOcelet1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Kojima is a mastermind.

The feels are real in this one. Damn Kojima, i have to say, i will miss Metal Gear Solid. One of the best experiences in my life.

Pitch_Blanck1781d ago

Well said man. I feel the same!

raWfodog1781d ago

I think everyone should do themselves a favor and take their time with this game. Savor it, explore the world, don't be in such a rush to go from one mission to the next, at least on the first playthrough.

Too many times I hear about people waiting forever for a game to come out and then they rush through it as if they are trying to beat some record :)

Gatsu1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

It felt like experiencing my amazing childhood again with Metal Gear games when watched this... I will miss MGS too dammit T___T !

breakpad1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

f.k it ..he spoiled the metal gear gear boss for me...damn Kojima

Who1781d ago


But at least this way, I won't get a heart-attack when it happens in game, lol.

Paulino301780d ago

On that subject. This metal gear seems more advanced than the ones from games after this story(metal gear Rex & Ray)

I think should have toned it down a bit.

chrisx1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

end of an era... who knew metal gear rex or whatever hybrid that is could transform into a humanoid form? xD

DarkOcelet1781d ago

Thats not Rex btw.

He looks like a combination of Peace Walker and Rex though but thats not Rex.

Braid1781d ago

I'm sorry but I have to say this. I just have to.

The new Metal Gear has a... well, no graceful way to say it. A c*ck. It has a mechanical c*ck gun.


Now I think I've seen it all about the Metal Gear Universe, thanks a lot Kojima-san. :/

assdan1781d ago

Something tells me that it was intentional lol.

CryofSilence1781d ago

It wouldn't be the first time Kojima has done something like that. In Zone of the Enders, the cockpit on the mechs was placed fittingly for a, well, "cock"pit. Still, Zone of the Enders is adored by many.

Normann1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Hah, yeah..
Now go watch the gameplay footage of Big Boss in the jungle (TGS 2014).


Take a veery good look at the Sneaking suit design..
Notice anything?

chiefdog111781d ago

@Normann...The back design reminds me of Metal Gear Ray

MysticStrummer1781d ago

"The new Metal Gear has a... well, no graceful way to say it. A c*ck. It has a mechanical c*ck gun."

I'm not offended by how you put that and I didn't even hit disagree, but there's definitely a much more graceful way to say it. I know because when I watched the video I laughed and said "Wow it has a big phallic symbol on it!"

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-Foxtrot1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Love how he focuses on Snake more in the MGS2 flashback

Snake focused MGS2 is how it should have been


Is that Mantis I see above the Metal Gear? Is he controlling it or something?

DarkOcelet1781d ago

I honestly dont know whats with you guys and with Raiden's excessive hate. I really thought he was a great character and became a real badass.

Yes, Solid Snake could have used more than two games aside from the original two but i am happy with what we got and until this day MGS2 is still the only MGS game i have finished over 100 times!

I cant believe this great series is ending though.

-Foxtrot1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

He was a horrible character and just wasn't needed.

The story could have easily been focused around Snake, it just seemed it was done for shock value.

It's why MGS2 is my least favourite, the only time I felt happy playing it was when with Snake or when he was around.

They tried so hard to make us like him that they totally changed his character in the future games by making him a "badass ninja cyborg"...I mean it's comes off a little desperate.

Raiden was pointless and I hope one day we get a retelling of these games but for MGS2 it's a version of events where Raiden doesn't exist. I would love to see how the Big Shell Incident would happened if it was just up to Snake.

slate911781d ago


Idk man, I was only like 12 when I was playing mgs2 and didnt know much about what was going on, but I still disliked raiden lol

scark921781d ago

I personally liked Raiden, thought he was alot more badass in MGS4, I wish he stayed a family man, Metal Gear Rising should have been a prequel to MGS4

CryofSilence1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

It's this character:

It could be a child psychomantis or someone else entirely.

I am pretty sure one of the blonde haired kids is inside the Metal Gear (who I think are "Les Enfants Terribles" (aka Solid and Liquid Snake)).

BassMan1251781d ago

@Foxtrot I don't see Mantis. Can you point it out?

-Foxtrot1781d ago


At the 3.55 mark near the right hand corner

MysticStrummer1781d ago

"I honestly dont know whats with you guys and with Raiden's excessive hate. I really thought he was a great character and became a real badass."

I thought he was cool enough in MGS4 but MGS2 is easily my least favorite in the series and it's because of him. When I heard he was in MGS4 my only wish was that he would be an NPC that wasn't too ridiculous. Even though he turned out to be cool in MGS4 it never crossed my mind to play Metal Gear Rising. I'd simply rather have one of the Snakes be the star and main playable character of a MG story.

-Foxtrot1781d ago


I don't see why they didn't make a story revolving around Raiden as a PSP game and make something like Peace Walker a main, numbered game on consoles.

Least if you said for example "Oh Raiden is the main character in the PSP Metal Gear game" it's not as bad.

Then you would have both Snakes be the star of MGS 1-5. So it should have been.

Metal gear 1 - Solid Snake
Metal Gear 2- Big Boss
Metal Gear 3 - Solid Snake
Metal Gear 4 - Big Boss
Metal Gear 5 - Solid Snake

I just think things found in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Peace Walker are things which should have been told in console outings. While a story revolving around Raiden which doesn't really need to be played to understand the main story should have been portable games

ThanatosDMC1780d ago

Lol... Raiden cool? He cried like a little b**** on MGS2 and MGS4. Heck he was tugging on Snake's leg and crying and the little girl Sunny had more balls than he had in mechanical crotch.

His only redeeming quality in MGS4.... no, he didnt have one. Vamp was a cooler character than he was.

hTmlR00lzz1780d ago

There's always Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. I remember how amazing it was to replay MGS1 but with MGS2 graphics :D Just a shame it was only on the bloody gamecube (which was an awesome console btw, I just wish they'd release it on Xbox/Playstation so I don't have to keep my Wii in order to play it!)

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Name Last Name1781d ago

Getting ahead of myself without playing but... if that Metal Gear looks so advanced why did Rex take a step back?

scark921781d ago

That happens with most games, I just like to think that the blueprints were lost and something so advanced such as this was ahead of its time.

raWfodog1781d ago

Looks can be deceiving. Maybe you'll beat it so bad in this game that Big Boss realizes making it walk upright is a mistake.

MysticStrummer1781d ago

Maybe Raiden's father messed Rex up somehow. Sorry I just wrote about my Raiden hate in another comment and it spilled into this one.

Fin_The_Human1781d ago

Really wish I did not see that spoiler...I did not need to know who the burnt face man was or how he got burnt: (

Master of Unlocking1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

What? How could you know who he was based on this trailer? Just because Big Boss's face morphs at some point into Skull face's doesn't mean that Skull guy was Big Boss man, that's impossible, as we played as BB in Ground Zeroes who was infiltrating the Omega Base!

Fin_The_Human1780d ago

Master did you not see when Big Boss was in the Heli and his face got burnt.

That's a big spoiler and will not feel the same when I do find out in the game.

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Mikefizzled1781d ago

I was put off a little by the fact its the song Sins of the Father with different lyrics/singer. Other than that minor annoyance it was brilliant.

TheWackyMan1781d ago

That's not sins of the father, this is quiets theme.

Mikefizzled1781d ago

I know, It said mid way through the trailer. Its probably that I've never heard Quiets theme on its own with Stephanie singing.

Spectre_StatusN71781d ago

So glad I was apart of the ride. Thank you Kojima for this amazing franchise, was a big part of my gaming childhood. Can't wait to see what Kojima does next.

KryptoniteTail1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Edit: Damn mobile...

KryptoniteTail1781d ago

It is kind of weird Kojima won't be doing MGS anymore. I may not be the biggest fan of the series of late but I hate thinking of a world completely without it...

I was sure he was going to remake MG1 & 2 after this as well. That's a gigantic loss.

InMyOpinion1781d ago

Cause what we need are more remakes...

Lenns1781d ago

Don't confuse remakes with remasters

KryptoniteTail1781d ago

We don't need GTA V and TLOU like right after their PS3 launches, but I think old 80's NES games in revered franchises are fine choices for remakes.

InMyOpinion1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

@Lenns - Sorry. I kind of did since actual remakes are few and far between these days. :)

@KryptoniteTail - Exactly. It's those kind of re-releases I'm getting sick of. I bought TLOU though, and will be buying the Uncharted Trilogy. But that's only because I didn't play them last gen. Only owned a 360.