With its new expansion, Hearthstone is crumbling under its own weight

KSD writes: So when Blizzard Entertainment came and shook up the collectible card game scene with its now-hugely successful Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, it was a pre-emptive fallacy to hail the game for its accessibility. Yes, it was easier to pick up than Magic; yes, the digital format transformed the card collection process from a long slog to an instant dopamine rush; but Blizzard never actually addressed the one thing that eventually leads to inaccessibility: the content itself. From the outset, Blizzard’s monetization scheme has always hinged on the creation of more cards, and as their newest Grand Tournament expansion is beginning to make clear, the entire Hearthstone enterprise is being slowly sucked down into a slow but steady spiral toward alienation.

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Tsuru1150d ago

Its only crumbling and alienating certain players because they are unwilling to commit the time to play. If the only way you can have fun is by having the best cards, then obviously you are playing the wrong genre. The game is fun regardless of what cards you have. Sure you may lose often, but if your discouraged at losing then this isn't the game for you.

areisul1150d ago

"Unwilling to commit the time to play" is an alright argument for vanilla, but we've gone FOUR expansions since then. For a new player to catch up now, they need to grind out a few HUNDRED-THOUSAND gold, or spend hundreds of dollars on packs.

Losing 10/10 games because everyone has cards that are infinitely better than yours is NEVER fun. What kind of idiot is going to have fun getting curb-stomped over and over again?

contradictory1150d ago

I play this game pretty casually and i still enjoy it even though i'm not too dedicated to it.. my win ration is usually fifty fifty but then again i play on Casual just to have fun really

And this is also the first TCG i've ever even played past Pokemon TCG many many years ago so i'd still say it's pretty accessible

skyrimer1149d ago

Tried to play the game. At some point three or four guys one after another pulled decks with 4 or 5 legendaries. Checks how much money / time I need to get a deck like that. Leaves the game.