Why I’m still playing ‘Super Smash Bros.’

SoS writes: As I write this piece in my college dorm, my favorite Smash Bros.-themed Amiibos from my vast collection are to my right, and a playlist of competitive Smash for Wii U matches is playing on my iPad to my left. I didn’t think to put this playlist on to get me in the mood to write about the same game, and I certainly didn’t realize that the little statues meant that I’m sandwiched in between Smash as I write about it.

The simple fact is that I love it, so much so that it bleeds into my everyday life, even nearly a year after its release.

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Maybay1152d ago

I still play melee, brawl, and the n64 original. The "Smash" franchise has huge replayability.

franwex1151d ago

I still play too. Good games are good games; regardless of platform or year that they were made.