Project Morpheus Exclusive Interview | Making VR a Reality

Watch Sony's exclusive video talking to some of the people who are bringing VR to a reality.

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nitrogav1203d ago

If there is ever a game needs the VR treatment, it's got to be Gone to the rapture. That game world would be amazing.

greenmiker1203d ago

That is true, this game would be great!

SniperControl1203d ago

Kinda hoping Driveclub and GT7 get the VR treatment, If Project CARS VR on PC is anything to go by, Morpheus will be brilliant!

SaveFerris1203d ago

No Man's Sky could also work in VR. Please bring us Summer Lesson too!

IamTylerDurden11203d ago

Rapture will be on Morpheus VR, it has to be, the game looks like it was made for VR. The 1st person view, the gorgeous environment, the intelligent shapes and clean textures.

I love Rapture already, i can't imagine it in VR.

sprinterboy1203d ago

Been holding off on rapture just in case it gets vr treatment.

SniperControl1203d ago

Trust me, at the price it is at the moment, game is worth it every penny.

Kurisu1203d ago

I agree! Although the game might be a bit too "different" for some people. I enjoyed it though.

raggy-rocket1203d ago

Glad to see Sony going into VR and Microsoft into AR. Going to be great to see how both companies integrate it into their own gaming vision and it's nice to see them doing very different things.

Horror games made specifically for morpheus will be great

Imagine in the next star wars game, flying in Tie fighters using Morpheus, that would be awesome

SteamPowered1203d ago

Oculus already has the Battle of Endor space battle and it is incredible. Seeing your body in the Orange jumpsuit and R2 over shoulder is downright surreal.

IamTylerDurden11203d ago

I haven't been following AR much, do u have any idea what the launch lineup will look like?

Kurisu1203d ago

I'm eager to see how much this bad boy is going to cost! Fingers crossed for an announcement at TGS next month or PSX in December.

IamTylerDurden11203d ago

It looks so beautifully designed.

London Heist and RIGS look awesome.

Day 1 for me.

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