Shane Kim Promises More New IP For The 360

Shane Kim

We're just at a point in the cycle where you're seeing more sequels. I can tell you we have other new properties that are unannounced that we feel very good and are very confident about. We will continue to have new IPs alongside the franchises in our portfolio, no question.

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Silogon4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Man I wish Sony would take this initative.

Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Motorstorm 2

etc, etc, etc, etc

Cut the cord Sony.

Sony is so out of ideas we'll no doubt be seeing abominations like Mark of Kri and many other failed Sony franchises come back for follow ups. Sony is so stupid.

Gregory House4362d ago

You forgot:
White Knight Chronicles
Heavy Rain
Valkyria Chronicles
Cross Edge

Whats even better is most of these new IPs are owned by Sony

PoSTedUP4362d ago

sony has alot of franchises coming that will sell systems and i think they are smart because they have alot of new ip's on the way and they actually make games and they are investing on their first party studios so they have alot of games coming and alot of games behind closed doors and alot of unannounced games keep in mind they are working on home and still have the ps2 in production and have the psp and ps3 to worrie about wile MS doesn't really have anything but the 360 and they havent fixed the rrod yet with all that time on their hands and canceled their spring update and they dont make games really so i wonder what they do over there with all that free time i hope they are figuring out a solution to the DVD9 or rrod that would make sense cause they arent really showing any effort compared to sony ya know

sunnygrg4362d ago

If by new IPs, he means


then count me out.

I'd prefer tried and tested game sequels like God of War, Gears of War (I will give you the advantage on this), R&C, CODs to those listed above.

dachiefsman4362d ago


Pay 60 bucks to watch a cheap version of the Discovery Channel. Come on you can't be serious that you will actually buy that game.

juuken4362d ago

Lol... @ dachief. Have you seen screens of Afrika? That's anything *but* a cheap Discovery Channel knockoff.

Instant fail.

dachiefsman4361d ago

instant fail really? you are actually going to buy that game.

"Gamers playing Afrika will assume the role of a photojournalist who will be able to take pictures of various wildlife. The story will be mission-driven. This means that the character gets e-mails at his base camp which tell him what pictures to go and take. To get to the location and animals he/she needs to photograph, the characters has the ability to go by foot, jeep or air balloon, as previously hinted at in various screenshots and trailers; however, the player will not be able to control the vehicles themselves as these will be driven by a non-player character. Instead, the player has the ability to completely manipulate the camera using the Sixaxis."

Sounds like a blast. /end sarcasm

juuken4361d ago

Judging a game you know nothing about.

Instant fail once again.

dachiefsman4361d ago

enlighten me then since Wikipedia is wrong besides writing fail at the end of your posts.

juuken4361d ago

Wikpedia doesn't always provide accurate information. There's still more information that needs to be addressed about Afrika. We don't know if that taking pictures is the only thing that you do. How about going on the official website for a change? Better yet, go on a site such as gamespot or 1up to enlighten your mind as to what this game is about?

juuken4361d ago

Seriously...what's your problem with the game? You haven't played it yet and already you're calling it a Discovery Channel ripoff. You love hating all things Sony don't you?

Oh wow, so you have links. Good for you! You want a cookie now?

dachiefsman4361d ago

considering I have a PS3 and have MGS4, Warhawk, and UTIII. PSN: GFY_JimLahey. I am actually looking forward to a lot of games Resistance 2, GWIII, and a new game from the Shadow of the Colossus guys. Why can't I have an opinion on a game? There are plenty crappy games on the 360.

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pwnsause4362d ago

so how are you going to do this Shane? By bribing more 3rd party companies to make 360 games or by making one within your internal studios? i say stop spending money on 3rd party and make your own game, which is your weakness.

Deviant4362d ago

Theyll buy DLC and start promoting it like a new game

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Denges4362d ago

Rofl.. best article display picture ever

ThaGeNeCySt4362d ago

I hope he's talking strictly from a nonarcade/noncasual standpoint

Bangladesh4362d ago

I agree. It's hard for me to get excited about an XBLA title. The only genre I'm aware of that the 360 is really lacking in is MMO's. I personally want Age of Conan, APB, and Huxley, like yesterday.

dachiefsman4362d ago

He better be otherwise he is going to abandon the true owners of the 360. I can attest I do not want to play any of the "family" games.

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