Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Review | XboxOne UK

It’s been a long time in the making and I can finally say with a massive Cheshire Cat smile, Gears Of War is back and it’s looking sexy! Once again I step into the shoes of one of my all time favourite game heroes Marcus Fenix. Once installed, I got a spine tingling feeling after the first cut scene. Playing Gears for the first time in a long time I was met with a sense nostalgia at the scene of Marcus sitting in a jail cell awaiting Dominic to break him out. Weirdly enough, I automatically knew where I was and where I was going but also where the cog tags where located! Dominic asks if we go left and get straight into the thick of it or right to do some training…left it is! I also thought it best to start out on normal (though I want to complete hardcore at a later date) as I needed to dust of some of the cob webs, re-rev my chainsaw bayonet and get stuck in to this fantastic story!

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