Six video games that could flop during the very busy end to the year

The next few months are going to be very busy for gamers. After the relative disappointment of 2014 the final stretch of 2015 is offering a veritable banquet of big releases ranging all the way from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on Nintendo 3DS to XCOM 2 on PC.

With so many games packed so tightly together, it is inevitable that something will sadly fall by the wayside. Not necessarily in terms of critical success, but in terms of sales and public interest. Here are six games that could flop in 2015.

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Elda2125d ago

Not interested in any mentioned except for Star Fox Zero but I don't own a Wii-U.

joab7772125d ago

I think they may all have problems except Just Cause 3. And Star Fox will do alright.

OhMyGandhi2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

I'd guess the new Tony Hawk to get around a 6.5/10, and that's being generous. Talk about a game with a pretty good design philosophy (we are going back to the roots of the series, and include everything that fans love about the franchise) marred with ugly visuals and uninspired visual direction. But hey, fun is fun.

My biggest reservation with a game like Just Cause is that while I loved the second iteration (though the first one was a solid step) I fear the whole "badass in an open world doing crazy inane sh*t and looking cool doing it" shtick is getting old.

Too many games throw the kitchen sink at the player, throw it all in a sandbox, and say, "have fun", forgetting that the developers themselves have a responsibility to ensure the core gameplay experience is fun moment-to-moment. Avalanche hasn't committed this game design crime just yet, but the pressure by the studio and the publisher often seems to get to the developer, especially in the third iteration of a series (I'm looking at you, Batman)

Eidolon2125d ago

Flop? No. Not make as many sales, sure.

Spotie2125d ago

Technically, any game could flop, making such a list and article pointless.

WeAreLegion2125d ago

Just Cause 3? Ha. No way. Going to be a big hit.

Eidolon2125d ago

Freaking excited to play it, I'm buying this and FO4. So many hours reclusing.

WeAreLegion2124d ago

Oh, I hear that, man. Just Cause 3 and Fallout 4 are going to destroy my life for the foreseeable future.

fxa52092125d ago

I would add Rise of the Tomb Raider as a flop releasing between call of duty and Battlefront and about 10 days after Halo.

twiggytree122125d ago

Not to mention releasing the same day as fallout 4

Fro_xoxo2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

I disagree with both of you guys. The raider is a big franchise also. She did 8.5 mill lifetime sales..with the TR 2013 reboot. What has she got to worry about? a pipboy?

according to vgchartz, Fallout 3 did 4.6 mill..

I'd love to see the day an RPG outsells an Action adventure game on a mainstream level.

FlexLuger2125d ago

I think TR will do fine. It only has to worry about selling well on XB1 anyway. I am sure it will do well and I am sure it will find its way under many Xmas trees. MS were smart to give away a TR game on XBL this month.

fxa52092125d ago

However, the bulk of TR sales were on playstation platform. I believe CD regrets their to decision to make it exclusive. It did make sense when UC4 was releasing at the same time, however, since UC4 has been delayed, the exclusivity doesnt make sense....

FlexLuger2125d ago

"however, since UC4 has been delayed, the exclusivity doesnt make sense...."

Im sure the money made sense to them. Dont presume to know what these companies are thinking. What does not make sense to you as a PS gamer makes sense to the guy doing the books. by the Time UC4 comes out, TR will still be xbox exclusive so its not entirely wasted. Not like every xbox owner is going to buy TR this fall, with all the other games coming out. So that means they have one year of uncontested sales, as obviously there is no UC on xbox. also by the time it does come to PS4 Im sure UC4 will have peaked sales wise and PS gamers wont have to choose.

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