PSX Extreme: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Admittedly, with the advent of downloadable content, I didn't think we'd be seeing quasi-expansions of games like Guitar Hero, branded solely based on one band. In this instance, Aerosmith is the basis of this first, of many, expansions. We've been playing through it and we can't help but feel disappointed, as the end result feels like an attempt to cash in on the franchise before it goes RockBand-status and costs a lot more, thanks to the addition of extra instruments.

While the idea of a one-band 'Hero game sounds like a novel idea, it's actually quite flawed. My indifference for Aerosmith aside, a band I don't think has been relevant since the early 80s, I didn't find myself enjoying this Aerosmith branded Guitar Hero game. I haven't heard much of the songs in ages, and so remembering their rhythms took a while to figure out; so my initial trek started off very rough."

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