Does Quantum Break run at 720p in its current build?

In its presentation from SIGGRAPH 2015, Remedy went into detail regarding individual technical aspects of its forthcoming Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break. The developer shows individual computations for Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) and lighting, both of which are rendered at 720p.

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Genuine-User1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I highly doubt this game will be anything less than 900p.

Remedy are talking about the buffer for SSR, the 'final image' is distinctly better -

Automatic791241d ago

I believe 1080p ain't all but I highly doubt it would be anything but 1080p

Foehammer1240d ago

1080p confirmed

If it actually read the article it would know that SSAO is just an effect.

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KiwiViper851240d ago

Congratulations man. 4/42 agree/disagree ratio, and you were spot on.

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2cents1241d ago

And to add to that...

At this point who cares other than people who have no interest in actually buying or playing it.

If it looks as good as it did during the live demo then I'm sold sold SOLD!!!

FoxyGotGame1241d ago


It's great that you're Sold on QB, but don't act like you don't care...Obviously you do care or why mention it?

720p, 900p, 1080p won't make any difference as to whether you can enjoy this or not /

wicked1241d ago

Well I saw it at Gamescom and it looks superb, So I don't care I'll be getting it.


Agreed...honestly at this point if you have to ask the question, then obviously your eyballs cannot tell the difference. At this point NO ONE who has seen the game has mentioned anything about resolution, meaning the game looks good. If you are waiting for digital foundries machines to tell you what the game is running clearly cannot tell the difference with your own eyes.

This whole resolution crap in the gaming industry is

2cents1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

I mention it because of the article maybe? Is this a trick question? I don't get it.

I saw the demo, I want it. If they announce its 720p how exactly is that going to change my opinion of what I saw in the demo? I'm not that shallow that numbers can break me.

There has been no gimping or downgrading of Quantum Break, every time I've seen something since launch its just been looking better and better.

I would have to be a pretty pathetic individual if I lost all excitement because I found out its running at 720p.

Just sayin.

Edit: @thatpsguy

Angeljuice1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )


"This whole resolution crap in the gaming industry is "

Im sure it is when your side loses every single time.

headblackman1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )


agreed 100% but for some odd reason microsoft is doing the most good with it's games, features, and listening to it's fans (even to the haters), but everyone's questioning any and everything xbox and microsoft, but they act like they are too scared to ask sony about it's games and other business practices. instead of talking to Phil and microsoft employees, they should be talking to Yoshida and sony emplyees to get a better playstation and psn.

no shade, just confused on the mindset of the media and the games consumers of today. it's like they care more about a fake war and being on a side that appears to be the winning side, while completely neglecting and disregarding logic.

TheXgamerLive1241d ago

As long as a games 720p or greater then i dont care BC it all upscales to 1080p.

Septic1240d ago

The haters care more about the resolution than the fans lol.

I'm more concerned with the gameplay rather than whether it's 900p or 1080p. Watching the haters shut their trap in the other article about this being 1080p is great though :D

Either way, 900 or 1080p, I will buy this day one. Here's hoping Remedy deliver on the hype.

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Charybdis1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Looks and sounds really impressive, looking at those images.
Not sure if running the lighting at a lower resolution is common but images still look damn impressive bit too much technical info for me to understand much of it.
image gallery:

zod1241d ago

They are talking about SSAO..

It's common for consoles games to have low-res effects in SSAO and all to save up memory..This doesn't represent native final resolution of the game...

butchertroll1241d ago

Some technical aspects in games has nothing to do with screen resolution.

Fro_xoxo1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

majority don't know this..

they think graphics = resolution.

like @RocketScience above..

Professor_K1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Yep, been trying to say this but RES does absolutely nothing to hinder graphics, frame rate however can make a last gen game look next gen.

freshslicepizza1241d ago

720p simply isn't good enough in 2016. i think most people are content if it reaches 900p, 1080p would be ideal but the xbox one seems to struggle getting there. the game itself seems to have gotten much better.

blomman791241d ago

Struggle? Forza 6 is 1080p locked 60fps, rise of the tombraider 1080p.

freshslicepizza1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

not all games are still coming out in 1080p, hence the word struggle. halo 5 has not yet been determined either.

FoxyGotGame1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Those are different games doing different things and using different can't keep bringing up Forza 6 or ROTR every time you feel defensive or think your plastic companion is under attack.

Talking about resolution 'only', just accept the fact the X1 does 'struggle' with 1080p in many, many cases. Does that make the console worthless, of course not! You know nothing about programming, neither do I, but then I'm not the one making ill thought out comparisons /


"I get it's important to some people, but for me it really doesn't matter".

It doesn't matter to you, yet here you are defending uh pls! ...and please don't agree with me, when you're disingenuous. You wrote PS4 struggles just like X1 to make ya'self feel better, but then you completely 180 and edited your comment, removing PS4 from it completely lol anyway ...MGS V 1080p/60fps (PS4) and is not average or mediocre looking at all. /

raggy-rocket1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Most Average to mediocre looking games all hit 1080/60 and even good looking ones hit 1080 if 30fps sometimes. I think the task of getting high quality visuals games to 1080p is certainly a struggle, but the consoles themselves in general don't struggle, however I think developers should prioritize a stable framrate over resolution first, then try and get the best resolution they can

I agree with the person above though, bringing up the same examples every time does not boost your argument, it just makes you look desperate to show it's capable

blomman791241d ago

If tombraider is 1080p why cant quantum break be it? Tomb have a huge world qb seems more linjear?

boodi1241d ago Show
shloobmm31241d ago

Is there another nextgen AAA exclusive thats not a port or remaster and that hits 1080p and 60fps thats not Forza? I dont think there is. So i would say he has the right to mention it.

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Automatic791240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Lol Moldy stop with false statements the biggest games running at 1080p on Xbox One. Forza, Halo MCC, Destiny, TombRaider, COD advance warfare etc. Overall at this point its all in the hands of developers.

TheVigilanteCode1241d ago

Credit url = advances.realtimerendering ? LMAO. This was on that URL for a considerable amount of time and just within hours on the same day when a GAF thread is opened, "GAMING" websites notice that URL ? How convenient.

Accept that you fucking stole this from NeoGAF, gearnuke. Another gamingbolt in the making. Stupid kids farming clickbaits in the name of "GAME JOURNALISM".

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