What we want from Project CARS 2

These are the tweaks and mods Slightly Mad needs to bring to its second crowdfunded racing sim.

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weirdo1239d ago

how about optimising the first game first! the one thing i love is the helmet cam

FoxyGotGame1239d ago

"What we want from Project CARS 2"

Hmm *Scratches head* ...that's a really tough question /s ....oh! How about funding Project CARS 2 with the money made from Project CARS? /

Lamboomington1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

"How about funding Project CARS 2 with the money made from Project CARS?"

They are. Have you ever thought of the fact that they might need additional funding for a game of bigger scale ? To expand with other projects even ? Not to mention use that crowdfunding investment scheme to get a limited number of loyal backers to test the game just like last time.

Right, you just assume that they aren't using any of the money from the first game. Yes, obviously they're using it to buy Bentleys and Rolex watches. The evil bastards :P

Another thing you probably didn't know.
They didn't get back most of the profits from the game. Most of the profits went to the backers - the people who supported the game on WMD, their crowdfunding platform. That's right, this is not kickstarter. WMD is an investment based system. Backers receive the majority of the profits.

Please don't bash them for things that you don't know much about.

KaoSouL1239d ago

I want a steady frame rate on Xbone.... it seems they gave up trying to accomplish this with PC1.

level 3601239d ago

I'd like to see them properly re-create the physics of SUV's/pick-up trucks and then include models from various companies like ( Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6X6, Lamborghini Urus, Maserati Kubang, Porsche Macan, Cadillac Escalade, Ford F-150 Raptor, Dodge Ram Rebel, GMC Sierra etc. ) Also include tracks ( lots of steep angles with mud ) that would suit these types of vehicles.