PC Gamer: Devil May Cry 4 PC Review

PC Gamer via CVG writes: "You'd better be prepared to fight. Not demons and monsters - the game itself. Yes, Capcom have made more effort porting this than their other recent titles, such as Resident Evil 4 and Onimusha 3. But it's all relative: DMC4's controls alone had me wishing more than once for the kind of swift end the game itself dishes out.

Once you get past the awkward setup, awkward menu navigation and awkward 'what should I do now?' design, Devil May Cry 4 is a sumptuously stylish gothic battler featuring madly acrobatic, combo-heavy action, linear exploration and puzzles with solutions that range from hitting something to hitting several things really hard. Yet despite being created for consoles where ease of use is king, it reaches the PC as a bit of a pig."

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