PSX Extreme: Buzz! Quiz TV Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Buzz! like SingStar, is Sony's other up-and-coming franchise. Just like SingStar, Buzz has amassed more popularity overseas but is slowly catching on in the states. With a number of games available on the PlayStation 2, the series is ready to enter the next-gen world of the PlayStation 3 with an all new trivia set - this one covers a variety of genres.

Based on the name, you may be lead to think that this is a game with TV trivia. But it isn't, Quiz TV is the in-game TV network that delivers you a variety of trivia genres, such as Music, Movies, Television, Sports, Brainiac, and Lifestyle questions. In total, over 5000 questions exist in the game, and that means it'll be a long, long time before you run through the entire game's set of trivia to the point where you memorize it. Channel Hopper mode will allow you to switch between the categories/genres, giving you the ability to engage in diverse trivia offerings."

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