Fat Princess Brouhaha on Fox News


"That Fat Princess controversy is hitting mainstream news, apparently. Fox News has taken note, too"

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pwnsause4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

OMG, WTF? How did this get into fox news? well at least they seem to be cool with it. oh well, PS3 sales boost confirmed because of this commodity on the media today.

Overr8ed4394d ago

hey they just said what we were saying in here. we should start copyrighting what we say here.

Serg4394d ago

Free advertising is always welcome, they haven't trashed the game as I thought they would, so this can be considered positive press I guess.

Viktor E4394d ago

Kinda like Too Human,but I think Fat Princess might actually be a good game worth all the attention.

Fishy Fingers4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Well perhaps in America it could be renamed "Average Princess" as 63% of them are over weight.

Not my statistic, there's http://www.americansportsda...

Baywatch lied to us :(

rogimusprime4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

...but that's what happens when you have so many food choices and a culture focused on sitting on your @$$ and watching MTV while eating bon bons and reading a cosmo.

The plague of plenty.

Still, any publicity is good publicity. Although FOX news is about as credible as VGchartz.

sajj3164394d ago

nice one Fishy ... it is true! Too many overweight people in America!

Back to the article ... as Serg said, its 'free' publicity! It also received a great response @ E3.

I don't get it ... Mario is a fat Italian plumber. Why isn't FOX talking about that?

Bathyj4394d ago

Just Like You Princess.

Too Funny.

Any for the record, I'm not fat, I'm just short for my weight even though I'm 6'3. Apparently I'm supposed to be 7'4.

Panthers4394d ago

People just love to eat over here, what can I say. Bathy that is too damn funny LOL.

MMMmmmmm Donuts.

Skerj4394d ago

Holy sh*t Fish, I just laughed SO hard from that comment. Tons of bubbles coming your way sir.

meepmoopmeep4394d ago

lmao, bubbles Fishy. that was funny. mean, but funny.

free press for Sony and it's a cutesy game so i'm sure some people won't get offended by it. i mean, it's a very new/strange concept for a mini-game

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psnCAShville_6154394d ago

this totally!! good news i love fox for this!!! free advertisements is always good!! like a friend said!!

i love it how they said a new sony video game!! i wish they had said playstation network!! effin fox

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