PSX Extreme: Wolfenstein Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "If you're old enough, you remember the day when you first saw Wolfenstein 3D in 1992 and marveled at the new world that opened up before your relatively young and eager eyes. It was the dawn of the first-person shooter, and even though it was in its infancy stages (there wasn't even a Y-axis!), it marked the dawn of a revolution. Since that time, the FPS has dominated the video game realm and despite a few big gaps, the legendary "Wolfenstein" name lives on. The last entry was 2001's Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which was an excellent title and well worth the price of admission. Now, Raven and Activision are teaming up again for a next-gen entry in the series, which will simply be called, Wolfenstein. It's still a ways off, but as we're fans of both the genre and the franchise, we just had to check on the progress of this potential "AAA" blockbuster.

We imagine the name is going to confuse some veteran gamers out there, who think this may be a remake of the original classic. But it's not; it's an entirely new adventure and, for all intents and purposes, acts as a direct sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein. While the name isn't as memorable as "Duke Nukem" or "Master Chief," the main character from RtCW will make his triumphant return: you will once again step into the shoes of William Joseph "BJ" Blazkowicz, who proudly sports special powers that most normal humans don't possess. But while the development team is embracing facets of the last Wolfenstein installment, they're not about to forget they're in a new generation…a new generation that's starting to value freedom above all else. Hence, you shouldn't expect yet another generic WWII FPS that forces you along a straight, linear path throughout the majority of the quest. Oh no, this time around, you'll have some open-ended options at your disposal, so flanking an onslaught of German soldiers won't always require the same approach."

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