Call Of Duty Black Ops III Beta - First Impressions

MrsNesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Following our Twitch stream on the 21st GamersFTW were privileged to get an early bite of CoD and we would like to thank all the viewers that tuned in.

Our first impressions were that Black Ops III is visually impressive. The attention to detail is astounding, we had a play around with the weapon customisation and the details of scratches and marks on the weapons were very intricate."

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Skellytorx1203d ago

Excellent read. Accidental deaths seems to be a running theme for me in any COD game! Looking forward to playing this.

Yukes1203d ago

I'm not so sure. It looked very slick and polished, especially considering it's in Beta, but it didn't look to do anything differently from previous installments. The double jump is taken from Advanced Warfare and will just result in lots of very hard-to-hit jumping loons!

MrsNesbitt1203d ago

It's like titanfall without the Titans :(

Maple221203d ago

This was a great watch and really enjoyed reading the follow up to it! Looking forward to the next one.

GamerGabs1203d ago

Lots of fun to watch, very much enjoyed the banter throughout the game. Was personally really impressed with the graphics, especially when the game allowed you to zoom in and really appreciate the texture details. The water fighting was also really fun, and a lot smoother than I expected.

Tyrant 8 RDFL1203d ago

My original mindset was to not purchase this title. I did not enjoy AW, and I wasn't happy with the direction BOP's 3 was headed. I saw the beta was available for all PS4 players so I gave it a try. I came away impressed with the gameplay. The jumping around is not bad at all. The hit detection was good, and bulleet damage was solid. Specilaist class is setup like a super is in Destiny, so it wasnt OP and something to utilze at the right time.

I figure since I enjoyed the MP, and the game offers 4 player co-op campaign along with Zombie mode. I will now pruchase the game. I'm glad I gave this title a try. I love having various games to play.

MrsNesbitt1203d ago

Overall, I was happy with the Beta. Obviously there are teething issues, but this can apply to games that are currently released. I'm looking forward to it :) thank you for your comment!

cyclindk1203d ago

Double-jumping, sliding, weapon fire and explosions feel "papery" thin and unsubstantial. Not unexpected from Call of Duty after all these years, but disappointing nonetheless.

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