Can Call of Duty 5 Live Up to the Expectations?

Treyarch generally hasn't been known for delivering revolutionary games. Can they keep up with Infinity Ward in releasing award-winning games? Or are they destined to stay in the shadows of the Call of Duty series?

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PwnShop4362d ago

They probably can because everyone has relatively low expectations.

rushbd4362d ago

I came to say the same thing :)

Will_Smith4362d ago

thats what i was going to write too lol... the only ppl that have huge expectations are the ones that don't know that World at War isn't made by the ppl that made COD4

slapsta724362d ago

were responsible for spidey 2 on ps2 / xbox

one of my all time fav games :)

Mr_Showtime14362d ago

with Resistance 2, Fallout 3, LitlleBig, Gears 2 and Guitar Hero 4 already solidly locked into my must buy this fall, theres just no room for another CoD (plus im sick to death of hearing people to ask me play CoD online, another period of that and I'll kill myself)

Zerodin4362d ago

Because Infinity Ward is SO much better...six hour campaigns, just so you can sell a Multiplayer game for $60.00? I'll stick with Treyarch!

hgdaniel4362d ago

But then again they offer thousands of hours of gameplay through the multiplayer and ranking system. $20 COD5's campaign isn't going to be much longer than COD4's

Panthers4362d ago

I think that everyone is underestimating this game because of COD3. This looks a lot better.

sabbath4204362d ago

What was wrong with COD3? I thought it was great. Had good use of vehicles also. I was playing the 360 version. Now I thought COD2 sucked ballz

reckoner4362d ago

You mean you liked COD2 and disliked COD3, right?

humus4357d ago

thats what i've been trying to tell my friends finally some one agrees with me

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The story is too old to be commented.