echochrome Coming To PlayStation Home In Two Dimensions

Tatsuya Suzuki and Jun Fujiki, lead developers on the PSP and PlayStation 3 puzzler echochrome, announced that a 2D version of the game is coming to PlayStation Home at an unspecified date. Instead of tapping into the PS3's 4D capabilities, the Japan Studios team is going in the other direction, presumably adhering to their gameplay credo of "getting people to play with rules and laws."

According to a report from Develop, the two had little else to say about the next version of echochrome (obviously not pictured), focusing on the development of the first, 3D title. Yup, that's all we got. How about those Cubs?

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pwnsause4315d ago

they got 3rd party support on board for home, UBISOFT, EA, and NAMCO BANDAI to do crazy things with HOME, more 3rd party support will be on the way though, like CAPCOM and KONAMI.

PwnShop4315d ago

I wonder how 2D will work, bought the first one and loved it, but I'm not sold on 2D yet.

MonkeyButler4315d ago

Maybe in one of arcade units...

Bathyj4315d ago

What if its alot grander that that? What if you open a door and walk in, and you seamlessly blend into the game and switch to a 2D view.

I just had big flash of inspiration for Home.
How cool would it be to go into the garage of your Home, jump in a monster Truck, and drive into a game of Motorstorm 2 without any pause or transition between Home and the game. Or by taking a rifle from your gun rack and walking out your front door, you were in a game of resistance (or at least a virtual lobby type thing, reminiscent of Home with a Resistance flavour.

Siesser4314d ago

pretty good ideas, Bathyj. You could even extend it to non-gaming aspects. All the video on your harddrive could be displayed as some massive DVD case. Your pictures could be photo albums, messages from friends on an answering machine, etc., etc. It would also mean anyone visiting your home space could immediately see these media too. oooh, actual mail for your text messages...

Panthers4314d ago

They are making fun of E3 05. Sony made quite a few blunders there.

poopsack4314d ago

this was first in a kotaku article where they took a jab at sony. But some idiots dont even know what 4d graphics are. Go play motorstorm.