GameSpot: QuakeCon 2008: Wolfenstein First Look

Deep behind the front lines of World War II, a secret Nazi faction known as the Thule Society is researching its own brand of weapons of mass destruction – those of the occult. After years of sinister research, it has made a discovery: a dark, limitless power called Black Sun, and the Nazis begin efforts to harness this energy for use against the free world. Unfortunately for the Nazis, they did not count on two things: secret agent B.J. Blazkowicz and his flamethrower.

After a seven-year hiatus, the Wolfenstein franchise is reborn. Id software, with internal development teams already devoted to Doom 4 and Rage, again enlists the aid of Raven Software, which last worked with id on Quake 4. With Wolfenstein, Raven aims to hold true to the themes that made Wolfenstein 3D and Return to Castle Wolfenstein such hits: intense combat, secret treasure, and a story-driven experience. At QuakeCon 2008 this week in Dallas, GameSpot sat down with both id and Raven for their first look at Wolfenstein.

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