2K Sports Releases 'Winning' Gameplay Trailer For NBA 2K16

2K Sports has released the first extended gameplay trailer for NBA 2K16 titled “Winning,” and gives us a peek of the improved graphics and authentic elements of the game.

crazychris41243216d ago

Screw improved graphics, what about the god awful servers in the last game? You know its bad when a friend has to tell me I have to compensate for lag when shooting.

natanael033216d ago

Blame the players with slow internet connection. The only time you blame the 2K server is if it's down.

As far as I know in-game lag has nothing to do with the server. It's all about the connection between the players.

crazychris41243216d ago

Have you played any of the recent games?? Its clearly 2k that is the problem. Almost every person is reporting the same issue and all of my other games works fine. They sell millions of copies the least they can do is shell out for better servers. Just wait and see when the next game launches. Its a guarantee that the same online problems will show up again.

Patr33k3216d ago

Shit dude, don't post if you never played 2k, you don't know our struggles. 2k servers are constantly down every week its been like that for every 2k game... And i could not play 2k15 i had to skip that one because when playing online the shot release were really laggy so i had to go back to 2k14 until they shut off the server for that one for good >_>. It's def there server's.

nbafan4life3216d ago

2k should just make a basketball game every two years

Outside_ofthe_Box3216d ago

I agree, but that's easy for us to say. Would you let your competition get a year on the market by itself?

ahmexxxx3216d ago

They can sell a broken game year after year.

Aces173216d ago

Of all the yearly sports games NBA2k adds the most every year.

gojmgo3216d ago

What do you mean? It's once a year just like any other sports game (PES, FIFA, Madden etc.)

Xman2K3216d ago

2k improves their graphics and gameplay even when they don't have too. New features and in game scenes/presentation like interviews and what not that you would NEVER get from a company like EA. Really makes the games stand out, you know doing things that fans ask for and that simulate the presentation of real life sports

natanael033216d ago

LaMarcus Aldridge in Spurs uniform :D hype

Bigpappy3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

We shall see. Spurs I a great tea though, no doubt.

Bigpappy3216d ago

Still can't beat Curry and the Warriors.

gojmgo3216d ago

In your dream brah. Our team is stacked. #dumbnation

ahmexxxx3216d ago

Those animations are sick. Player movements look real. The body proportions and anatomy looks really improved. I'm sold!

gojmgo3216d ago

It's been like that for the past decade. There's no competition.

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