Why Metal Gear Solid 5 Deserves a 10

Here's why Kojima's latest is undeniably a masterpiece.

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fermcr1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

No game deserves a 10. No game is perfect.
BTW, 10's are given out way to easily that most gamers don't find a rating 10 impressive any more.

Yes, MGS5 is a GOTY contender along with a couple of other games, but Fallout 4 will most likely be GOTY.

C L O U D1515d ago

A 10 doesn't mean a game is perfect, more means it's a masterpiece

hugogs1515d ago

10 is not suposed to mean perfect, it usually means it's a must play game despite whatever flaws it may have.

1515d ago
showtimefolks1515d ago


I agree with you man. 10's are not something that gamers actually expect from big games. that's why anything under a 9 is cinder a bad score

I don't agree with you that no game is perfect theory. it's a personal preference, also a review is a single person's personal opinion.

uncharted to me was perfect

metal gears solid 3 was perfect

the last of us was perfect

yakuza 3 was perfect

now i dont expect others to agree but for me personally they were perfect.

but to your point about too many 10's I Agree with.

gta 5 R*
uncharted 4 ND
mgs 5 kojima
fallout 4 Bethesda
Witcher 3 Cd project red

there are blockbuster titles which people assume and want getting a 10. and I believe many times the person reviewing also buys into the hype

it use to be that a 10 came along every once in a while but now yearly there are games that get 10.

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Homicide1516d ago

That last part where he fulton the jeep into the helicopter...insane. Pretty good video explaining why the mechanics and why it got that score.

carlingtat1515d ago

MGS5 doesnt need an explaination for why it gets a 10 we know it'll be a 10

KryptoniteTail1515d ago

10s and even 9s are given out too easily. There's very few 10s out there and I don't see 10 material here.

die_fiend1515d ago

Clearly you're an inexperienced gamer if you can't see how a MGS game deserves a 10.

KryptoniteTail1515d ago

Not every MGS is a 10. The first for sure, that's objectively true, the quality was unmatched. The second is my favorite but I see its flaws. MGS5? Objectively trash as MGS. If it weren't called MGS it would be fine, solid 8. As it is, I can hardly bear to lay my eyes upon what the series has become.

Enjoy it. I ain't telling anybody they can't. But I will call it out, this is not a 10 and to me will never be MGS, no more than DmC was Devil May Cry or Resident Evil 6 was Resident Evil or Final Fantasy XV is Final Fantasy.

These games are nothing compared to their predecessors and I am not blinded by nostalgia. It's all just frankly much worse.

Again, enjoy, but don't call out my gamer cred over this because as far as I am concerned, those blowing MGSV have theirs in question by me instead...

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Mvp-Machiavelli1515d ago

MGS4 was a Masterpiece with 10/10 scores! Now MGSVTPP is doing the exact same thing! Well deserved from one of the greatest gaming franchises in Gaming History!!!

A review that finally gets why stealth can be great when executed to perfection=Masterpiece ^_^

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