Next-gen Quake Arena game shelved

Eurogamer writes: "Id Software is no longer planning to create a new, next-generation Quake Arena game after the launch of Quake Live.

"We did decide for a lot of reasons that we wanted to just push hard for doing Doom internally," technical director and co-founder John Carmack told the audience at QuakeCon 2008 this week.

"The door's not completely shut for another Quake project, and I would say that probably the success of Quake Live will determine whether we do another Quake project," he said."

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pwnsause4318d ago

that makes sense i can wait for Quake, i want them to make a quake game better than Quake 3. With games like Resistance 2 and KZ2 coming out, I rather see them go out and make doom 4. also it would buy me some time to get a new PC.

Fishy Fingers4318d ago

Booooo! Quake Arena is one of my all time favs, Id love a completely new vamped up edition to the classic series.

Ah well, looking forward to seeing some Doom info.

Viktor E4318d ago

I hope they aren't shelving it due to Technical/Compression reasons of any sort.