New Colecovision Homebrew Title, Cave, Brings 3D Rogue-like Adventure to Dead Console

Carl Williams writes, "The Colecovision was a platform that was one of the unfortunate fatalities that occurred due to the 1983/1984 video game crash. The console, up to this point and for a while afterwards, was doing quite well but things dropped off considerably as we neared 1985- to the point that Coleco, the parent company of the Colecovision, withdrew official support for the console in October 1985. Now, going on 30 years later, homebrew developers are resurrecting the console with new games. One such new game is Cave- a 3D ASCII graphics Rogue-like adventure."

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MCTJim1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

what was cool is that I could use my TI99/4a computer and the Coleco Adam were one in the same. I still have some of my games from that era. TI-Invaders was one of my fav's and once u dumped them to tape..yes cassette drive, you could play them on the adam.

Another note..Burger time and Donkey Kong on the Coleco rocked :D

Oh and take note I believe this was the first 16bit console (well not really but kinda)as the TI99/4a was a 16 bit home computer and they were interchangeable. I also had the Atari add on for it to play my Atari games too. I miss the days of simplicity. I also had the other 4 expansion modules....The racing wheel was one of my favorites.

uth111204d ago

I had no idea they were that compatible

triverse1204d ago

I didn't either. lol Maybe for April Fool's next year we can release a "guide" to playing Colecovision games on a TI99/4a computer. It would be about a paragraph long, or just a couple of sentences- dump game to tape, load on TI99/4a. lol

Thanks for that bit of info, MCTJim!