Why I Hate Castlevania 64

Castlevania was a great series, but one game started a down turn of events that led to the series loosing it's original focus. Castlevania 64 might not be the worst game ever, but it's impact left a scar on RetroGamingTube 85 that he may never recover from.

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ape0071150d ago

i thought it was pretty good

Jackhass1150d ago

Castlevania 64 was one of the most joyless gaming grinds ever. Particularly the early levels with all the skeletons.

KryptoniteTail1150d ago

Never played it but the PS2 games sucked so I wager N64 was as bad or worse.

DiscoKid1150d ago

It was my first Castlevania, I'll admit. Too spooky for me at the time.

endzeitkind1150d ago

so you goin to the disco now

Tiqila1150d ago

Dude has a very unhealthy taint, maybe should quit smoking. As for Castlevania 64, it really was the worst of the Castlevania games I played (which are Symphony of the Night and Castlevania 64).