Buy Metal Gear Solid 5 For Kojima – Supporting a Vision

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate looks at the conflict between giving Konami your money, or ignoring a artists vision

''Konami have done the seemingly impossible, they’ve became more disliked than EA games. While hatred towards EA is often misguided and clumsy, Konami have seemingly went on a campaign to elevate themselves to the throne of hatred. As company, Konami have long been a slobbering mess, stumbling around popping out games ranging from fair to utterly broken. Their treatment of it’s ‘core’ franchises has not exactly things either. Throwing out broken HD remasterings of both Silent Hill and Zone of Enders, and simply refusing to fix either release left a bitter taste in the mouth of many.''

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Jalva1151d ago

"Supporting a Vision, Not a Company"

But it's still supporting a company...

AlphaKennyOne1150d ago

I got mine from nvidia. I'm not sure how much of that Kojima/Konami got but thanks for the game. I was planning on buying it anyways.

PixelGateUk1151d ago

That point is literally addressed in the post mate

Jalva1151d ago

Is that why you changed the title mate?

-Foxtrot1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Why don't people get it

He won't benefit, they will

Kojima will just be happy that it's getting good reviews and people are enjoying his game. Why would he care if the company who screwed him over is loosing money.

Leats he would know by looking around on the internet that it's gotten low sales because of what's happened

In the end he has the comfort of knowing that fans are on his side by giving one last "F*** you" to the company he clashed with. I mean if it was me I'd be happy I had fans like that....loyal to the end.

PixelGateUk1151d ago

Personally, i struggle to accept he'd be happy with a low amount of people seeing the result of all his effort, even more so given it's the final Metal Gear installment with his input.

You could make a case for fans pirating the game, but that opens up a huge can of worms in terms of the moral value of piracy which is not a conversation Monday night was willing to allow me to have :P

-Foxtrot1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Yeah but if you were in his position it would be like

"If it gets high sales then I feel like my hard work has paid off although it means I would have generated a LOT of money for the horrible company who threw me out and has tried to wipe my from the companies history. Not to mention will eventually abuse my franchises in the future by driving them into the ground ruining their image


If it gets low sales because of fans sticking up for me then at least they don't get that and they will loose a lot of money...something only a company like Konami will feel the impact of. Least in the end it will NOT be because it was a bad game"

Get what I mean

Besides even if people by it after, whether it's a few weeks to a few months it would still generate sales for him to feel appreciated enough but still hurt Konami a bit.

Personally if this happened to me and I was in his shoes I would want the low sales because it's the only thing which would hurt the company. Long as I know fans are doing it on purpose to support ME and it's getting high reviews then I wouldn't feel that bad.

I'd be chuffed to bits that I had a fanbase like that.

EDKICK1151d ago

I get both sides of it but sales really matter for AAA games right now at a time when Tomb Raider doing 6mil copies isn't good enough for SE and Alien Isolation doing 2.5 or whatever it was isn't good enough for Sega. Konami will do whatever Konami gonna do at this point they burned all their bridges and pretty much no one outside of Asia will support them. Publishers need to know big, interesting AAA games like MGSV are what we want games like Witcher III, Fallout 4 not saying those games are going away or anything but it's just another way to look at this.

Baka-akaB1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

""If it gets high sales then I feel like my hard work has paid off although it means I would have generated a LOT of money for the horrible company who threw me out and has tried to wipe my from the companies history. Not to mention will eventually abuse my franchises in the future by driving them into the ground ruining their image "

I disagree here . It's happening weither MGSV is a flop or not , they will forever milk the older titles at least . And from what we saw and know of Kojima , even if we dont personally known him .... he'd still like that people enjoyed tremendeously his last work on the franchise , all that WHILE sending him support , wishing him well , and cursing Konami .

i'm pretty confident that tiny gestures , like players printing their own case with his named restored and associated with MGSV , are more heartwarming to him and his dedicated team , than pure and simple boycott of the title .

Dont forget that he worked hard till the end on the title ... while a public drama and feud , would be easy to get him removed and fired , with someone else finishing the project

IamTylerDurden11151d ago

Don't u think he wants his last great vision to be considered as successful as possible?

Don't u think he wants it to reach as many ppl as possible?

In the end devs want fans to love their games, they are made for the fans, not the critics.

Malphite1151d ago

I agree with PixelGate here. Kojima probably wants as many people to expirience his swan song to Metal Gear as possible. Imagine working for so many years on the last entry of a franchise you've worked your whole life on with passion. The finished game is what matters the most for me and I'm going to buy it day one knowing that I'll be giving money to Konami.

If they decide to continue MGS without Kojima I won't buy that. That'll send a clear message.

DarXyde1151d ago

I think he'd be happier if people bought the game. To have worked this hard and have people not play it because of a feud is as hurtful as it is supportive. You may not want your money going to Konami, but we all know this was his work. This was his masterpiece. Politics aside, you can get it used, but more than anything,I believe he wants people to play this game. He would've left it half hearted otherwise. Of course he cares and wants you to play it.

If you REALLY want to stick it to Konami, just don't but anything else from them after Metal Gear Solid V. That says, "you may have taken Kojima's name off the game, but we know Metal Gear Solid V is his. We also know [insert post-Kojima Metal Gear game] is not, so go eat crow, we're not buying it". Boycotting a Kojima game just because it doesn't have a name on it will likely lead Konami to believe the open world elements proved unpopular. Then your message is confounded. Buy this game, skip the ones to come after it. It's much more transparent to a company that doesn't get consumer confidence.

If you don't buy it, they may conclude they made the right choice dropping Kojima and put them even further out of touch with the consumer. They wouldn't think about the extenuating circumstances (because, after all, they haven't really spoken officially about the situation; they can assume we know nothing).

Kojima has already collected the bonuses he never received. How, you ask? By trolling them and dragging out development time.

My two cents on the matter.

bangoskank1151d ago

@ Pixelgatejunk Oh I'll experience it but I'll experience it used.

VerdicLinwe1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

The complete explosion of your statement is the part where you say... "To the end." It is not the end - and not putting his game in to gamers hands is as much as a f*** you to Kojima as it is to Konami. Its a crappy situation, one with a handful of silver linings. One of them being he is going to keep going.

He hasn't asked YOU or anyone to do ANYTHING. You are elevating your own feelings above respect for a creator because you *think* it is what he wants.

donthate1150d ago

Kojima will definitely benefit if the game sells well. How?

Notoriety and respect among peers!

You don't want your last game to sell badly and for Kojima despite what the parent company did, he is still there nurturing his baby.

So yeah, support it if it is a good game!

We should support good games, not some obscure issue with Kojima and Konami when we don't even know what happened while everything is based of rumors!

JamesBroski1150d ago

I think you don't get it. Did you see the launch trailer Kojima did? He obviously gave all he could to make this game an amazing one. Kojima has known for awhile that he was going to part ways with Konami, even when he was still working on the game.

I really doubt that he had the kind of mentality "screw Konami, I don't care about the game anymore". I'm pretty sure he worked hard on the game until the very end for his fans, not for Konami.

You don't know what happened with Kojima and Konami, nobody knows. And I think ALL the efforts his putting towards his game is a clear sign that he wants the fans to enjoy it.

If you want to support Kojima and not Konami, then buy the game and don't get spend money on micro-transactions.

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joab7771151d ago

No. You buy the game b/c it's great, b/c you love it, not b/c it supports anyone. They both make more money than 98% of gamers who will buy it. They both live their own lives and make their own beds.

Konami may make money on this game, and Kojima can fight them for some of it if he chooses. In the end, Konami lost Kojima and his vision, and has chosen to invest in mobile gaming. If you want to boycott, go ahead. Bit there's no reason to miss a phenomenal game to do such. They will get what's coming if they don't put gamers first.

Snookies121151d ago

It's quite simple... Companies see money. If Kojima's last game doesn't earn much, Konami will think they made the right choice letting him go. However, if it gets really high sales, they'll see that nothing after this game will compete with MGS V's sales. Then they'll understand that it was a mistake to let him go.

showtimefolks1150d ago

I will buy it day one because I can not wait and this is kojima's last game for mgs series. any of you thinking of boycotting or buying used there are few things I want to know

will kojima not benefit if we buy the game? won't he get his cut?

secondly and the most important yet always over looked fact. we the hard core gaming community are the minority, well the very vocal minority. but the fact of the matter is even if we don't buy it there are enough gamers who will watch the advertisement and buy mgs 5.

as a developer kojima is happy with get review scores but he will get more happy knowing that his last game is being played by millions

also are we 110% sure he will never make another mgs? konami under pressure from investors could always be forced to bring him back

in the famous words of vice McMahon never say never

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hiredhelp1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Anyone got solution to support kojima without paying konami but want to play kojimas last MGS.
Sorry guys I pre orderd mine threw a valid cdkey store for PC at half the price, Its my way given konami half the money with middle finger and enjoying a awsome game while thinking and thanking of kojima as I play.

IamTylerDurden11151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Yes, buy or borrow a used copy of MGSV, play it and send 60$ to Kojima-san.

You get to play the game, Konami gets zip, and Kojima gets bucks.

Win x 3

JamesBroski1150d ago

Buy the game day one. Why? Because sells will matter. Not for Konami, but for Kojima. Because it will be the last Kojima's Metal Gear and with high sells, it will show to everyone when Konami release a MG game, that the soul of the game was Kojima. And that Konami pissed off fans.

MysticStrummer1151d ago

@Foxtrot - "Personally if this happened to me and I was in his shoes I would want the low sales because it's the only thing which would hurt the company."

If I was him I'd rather the game sold through the roof and then every single Konami game going forward dies a quick death.

-Foxtrot1151d ago

Yeah but they'll just start to rely more on mobile in Japan if that happens

If MGSV had low sales it would hurt them a ton because they've probably invested so much money in it

If it does really well then it's paid off and Konami can just start doing mobile crap to rake in the money after they've made a profit on MGSV. Japan really loves their mobile games.

PixelGateUk1151d ago

Konami still has a huge revenue from Gatcha machines and the like, plus pro Evo. It's partly why I think they just don't a crap about releasing poor games...that And most of their non Kojima titles are normally middle market releases.

In fact that's the only good thing about Konami, they still do middle market releases...even if they do kinda suck, but the middle market is still a pretty nice area most dev/pubs rarely touch now, it's either go indie or go HUGE

BiggerBoss1151d ago

If MGS5 flops and Konami loses a ton of money, why would Konami continue making console games?? If anything, that would convince them to focus on mobile gaming. Your logic makes zero sense.

-Foxtrot1151d ago


They are going to focus on Mobile whether MGSV flops or not

I mean the amount of stuff they've said about mobile and how it's the future pretty much says where they want to go.

Baka-akaB1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Yes they are going to focus on Mobile... but the way you preconize , the message is just muddled and indirectly give them approval to do so imo .

Even if abysmal , there is still a point letting them know you dont agree . One of this way might be buying the last great AAA game from a revered creator . And again letting him see that you did enjoy his game and magnum opus , regardless of crap intern politics at his expense .

Anyway there is no way i'll rage against the machine at the expense of kojima's game , and my own selfish pleasure obviously . I'll just probably do that with their few future titles for that reason and others of my own .

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Baka-akaB1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

I'm not following that logic ... if the game does bad , it would actually reinforce their established view that mobile gaming is the future , instead of investing that much on consoles (and PC) big budget games .

If it fails , it's the big signal to not even attempt further titles with hopefully a great new team (sure i dont believe it but...) , but instead to milk a plethora of crap MGS mobile stuff .

It would basically absolve them and alleviate them for any pretense guilt .

EDKICK1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

@BiggerBoss that's exactly right, and for other publishers as well, they need to see huge AAA games be extremely profitable(Witcher III,Skyrim, GTA V etc.) or more companies will go the way of Konami.

bangoskank1151d ago

Konami probably plans on folding and all the money will go to the C level scumbags that let this happen to Konami. This will probably fund them and their sh!tty slot games.

FoxyGotGame1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Konami are messed up, and I understand some people are protesting/boycotting on principal. But, I'm getting MGS V because I know it'll be an amazing experience.

There's nothing heinous about this situation, it's not like a it's a Jimmy Saville scenario. It's Kojima's Final MGS, plus he's Genius, so I'm really not that emotionally invested in the Poli-Tricks /

Pre-Order Remains ...Day 1 )

SouljAx3601151d ago

I haven't really played a MGS game in my life, but from everything I seen I plan on getting this game. Why treat this different from any other game you would buy? Because the fallout between Konami and Kojima is your business and it's personal?! LoL
If you want to help out Kojima, buy the game. It'll show potential investors and companies that Kojima-made games can sell like hot cakes.

InTheZoneAC1151d ago

The problem is you believe what you say and what you say isn't right.

There will be no fallout for Kojima even if MGSV sold ZERO copies. He did his part, he can't ask for anymore than what he already has.

Companies already know if they get Kojima on their team that's the best thing they could ever ask for, they don't care about the sales of MGSV.

CrowbaitBob1150d ago

I'm with you SouljAx360. I bought the game to play the game because it looks like a good time.

F*&# all this soap opera BS.

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