Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder Review | Hardcore Gamer

If you haven't played Evoland, chances are you've probably at least heard of it. Evoland took you on a journey of gaming, from the classic RPG to the modern, going through its graphical changes over the course of the game. Evoland 2 is much longer than it's predecessor. Where Evoland progressed through graphical changes, Evoland 2 is not nearly as linear. While it is mostly set in a retro zelda-esque environment, the graphics will vary from better to worse as you hop about "time." As you're displaced in time, the graphics around you will represent these changes. Likewise the fact you're time traveling is represented by map changes, towns appearing and disappearing as they cease to have yet been created, or are built in the future.

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