What’s Going On In Destiny’s Story, Anyway?


Destiny has taken a lot of well-deserved heat for its approach to storytelling, but after our recent cover story visit to Bungie and extensive hands-on time with The Taken King, it’s clear that the studio is moving towards a far more robust narrative experience in future releases. Knowing that existing story elements are about to become a bigger focus, and with only weeks before the new installment, we’re here to break down what we know about Destiny’s fiction – no grimoire cards required.

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FamilyGuy1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

This was a great summary, really long but the funny commentary made the length bearable. I really just wanted to see how much I missed but it wasn't that much. Having read the quotes on all the exotics and raid armor and weapons helped a lot.

GameInformer could seriously sell printed copies of this if they attached so concept artworks to it.

Chaosdreams1177d ago

This was a good read. If only the original Destiny released with the story inserted into the game, I wouldn't be so, bleh, towards it.

That said, I've played the game, and I'm not compelled to return.

MasterD9191177d ago

I've got severe Destiny fatigue as well.

AnotherGamer1171177d ago

Really, all that story is in Destiny. It is too damn hidden then (from playing it for over 400 hours).

Honestly, I gave up on the story after the first week and just started the grind and then got majorly fatiuged as well. I have no plans to ever go back to destiny.

LeoDDestroyer1177d ago

Then why get on an article about the game then?

AnotherGamer1171176d ago

First off, I was shocked to find all that lore is actually in Destiny.

Secondly, why not.

jhpadilla1177d ago

Hopefully the changes to the ghost Bungie mentioned will address the lack of 'explicit' lore in the game.
The story is actually pretty good, awesome really, it just needs to be better expressed in the game.
I for one enjoy it a lot and already pre-ordered Taken King, but its good to know that many things will get better for vanilla players as well.