Resistance 2 PS3 sales ramp up at retailer

Advanced orders for Sony Corp.'s Resistance 2 for the Playstation 3 increased this week following a showcase at the E3 Media & Business Summit this month.

Sales for Resistance 2 increased 119 percent to rank at No. 256 in Amazon's Video Games division.

Resistance 2 is the follow-up to the 2006 PS3 launch hit, Resistance: Fall of Man.

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cahill4394d ago

I expect Resistance 2 to smash some sales records since it is launching in Fall and ps3 would be having a much bigger base by its launch -around 23-25 million by the end of this year

i see resistance 2 easily selling 8million to 10 million

ash_divine4394d ago

dude, don't get me wrong, but NO GAME can sell that much. Not even Master Chief or Mario or even Snake can accomplish a mission like that.

but I think it will sell very well... just not THAT well

bpac1234567894394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

where are you getting these numbers from? The 360 hasn't even sold 25 million units, hell the wii hasn't either, how do you excpect the ps3 to sell over 9 million units by the end of the year. and resistance to sell 8-10 million units, THOSE are HALO/GTA4 numbers those games sold that much because of the 20 million dollar marketing campaign behind them. resistance doesn't have that kind of marketing or popularity. 10 million units! that means 2/3 of every ps3 owner will have to by the game.

now im not trying to bash the ps3 or resistance. ps3 is my favorite system and resistance is a great game, but there's no way in hell its going to top gtaIV and halo in sales lets keep it realistic. they'de need jesus as there marketing campaign to push those kinds of numbers.

edit: @ ashdevine thank you for keeping it real

butterfinger4394d ago

Resistance 2 sells 5-6 million copies. Gears of War 2 will outsell Resistance 2 this Fall, though. However, I still think Resistance 2 will present a better value between the 8 player co=op with different story, and the great multiplayer. I'll be picking up GeOW2 for the campaign pretty much, and I'll enjoy ever second of it:P

cahill4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

GT5 will easily sell over 10m

Resistance 2 will sell 10 million . take note of that.The first one sold 4 million and by the way dont bring up those vg numbers cuz Vgchartz has been busted


the x360 is selling half as much as the ps3 in terms of worldwide sales. The ps3 as you can see is just 3m/4m behind x360 in worldwide sales. what makes you think that x360 will remain ahead by the end of this year

and Those Vg numbers are wrong as you can see with the Can +Us npd releases. 3 million difference will be overtaken by the end of this year

4394d ago
cahill4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Mgs4 is around 5 million by now. mgs4 sold 3million within just 2 weeks of its launch

and dont bring up those vg numbers which are taotally fake. vg has inflated x360 sales by a million and all their numbers are fake

expect mgs4 to reach 6-7m by the end of this year. mgs4 will keep selling for atleast a year

Resistance 1 sold 4 million and halo3 is at 8 million NOT 10. ODNT BRING UP those VG numbers a site which has been busted

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jkhan4394d ago

23-25 million install base is a little far fetched. But yeah this game should help spike PS3 sales this fall. Clash of the titans:)

Lionsguard4394d ago

23-25 million lol. Some of the most top branded franchises haven't even gotten close to that number.

ash_divine4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

dude I want to see the PS3 suceed as much as the next guy , but GET REAL

the PS3 is at about 14.5 million world wide right in AUGUST, so how the [email protected] is the install base gonna be 25 million by November? that's almost double the install base bro. So you're telling me that in 3 MONTHS the PS3 can sell about the same amount it did in 1 YEAR and a HALF. No, just No. especially without any true system sellers like MGS4 or GOW3.

it won't happen bro, get over it.

Skadoosh4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

I don't know where your getting your numbers but Sony said themselves they shipped 4 million copies not to long ago. 2.4 million sold was correct. No need to pm me with the same nonsense either. I swear you kids take your gaming to serious. Was your heart pumping when you wrote that comment?

Sony just said they sold 14.4 million ps3's and Microsoft said they have sold 20 million at E3. That's not 3 million buddy.

cahill4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

15m-15.5m since MGS4 bundles are getting sold out all over

DONT bring up that Vgcrap numbers which are proven false


expect atleast 500k in August , another 500k in september and around 800k in October (WW sales)

so ps3 would be aorund 17m consoles sold by the end of October


again you are bringing Vgcrap numbers
SONY sold 3m copies of mgs4 in 2 weeks ..confirmed by KAZ at Retail

MS shipped 20m x360s but we all know MS

there are just 11.4m x360s in Na, 600k in Japan and 5m in europe
Total of 17m x360s

there are 5.4m ps3s in Na, 2.5m in Japan and 7-7.5m ps3s in europe
total of 14-14.5m ps3s

in November and December expect around 6 - 8m ps3s worldwide especially with that lineup

PS3 sold 5m last year worldwide in November and December
so 23-25m by the end of the year is possible

Fox014394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Cahil are you on crack? Stop living a fantasy life man.
The PS3 won't sell 11M+ in 3-4 months. Even the Wii/Ds won't sell that fast.

Edit : WOW, according to Cahil the PS3 has sold 1.1 million consoles since yesterday.

ash_divine4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

first off, what difference would a half-a-million make? that's only 500,000.

secondly, what makes you think sales will jump to 8 mill in Nov. dude it would take help from Jesus to move consoles at that rate. that Wii, heck even the DS can't pull numbers like that.

Skadoosh4394d ago

Damn Cahil, STOP PMING ME WITH YOUR NONSENSE! Damn this kid is all hyped up now. According to his logic and numbers...the ps3 will hit 752 million consoles sold by next year and the 360 will sell 7 consoles about the same time.

4394d ago
ash_divine4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

I know dude, what the heck is with that kid ? I mean, It's okay to love your PS3 but damn!

EDIT: @Cahill: you... you think I'm the troll? haha dude that one speaks for it's self. look dude i'm done arguing, so you can put those numbers back into you ass, into someone else's ass, whatever I don't care. All I have to say is GET OVER YOURSELF AND YOUR BELOVED PS3! there's more to life than that freakin console trust me. Every time I'm with my girl I forget all about my PS3 dude, you know why? cause it's not that important. so take my advice and get a life bro.

PS: the funny thing is that you're the one trolling and you don't even realize it.

ER1X4394d ago

Dude, let's just say your numbers are right and it's 15.5 million PS3's sold. There is NO WAY in hell they sell 9.5 million units from August til November. There aren't too many bigger fans of Resistance than I am, but, 25 million consoles by then ain't happenin'.

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sushipoop4394d ago

I pre-ordered my copy yesterday haha

Le-mo4394d ago

GTA IV barely managed to sell 12 million copies and it's a multiplatform so what makes you think Resistance 2 can reach 8-10 million? Heck not even MGS IV or GeOW 2 can get that many sales.

clintos594394d ago

For a system like the ps3 80gb version to be bundled with MGS4 for 500 dollars and always selling out on amazon and best buys and other big stores, shows u alot of people out there want MGS4 but want a good deal to buy the system with the game. I look at this way, if the 360 has all the best games and u can buy the premium for 299 dollars then why isnt it blowing away sales against the wii and ps3? If any system right now should be selling slow, it should be the ps3 but fact is MGS4 is a big part of why u are seeing the ps3 outselling the 360 despite the 360 being a cheaper console and having the bigger library of games. Very impressive if u ask me for MGS4 to have such an impact which deserves it since it is a masterpiece.

butterfinger4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

when did GTAIV sell 12 million copies?

I guess we're not going by the number of copies sold to consumers? I'd prefer those numbers which are around the 8.5 million range, still very impressive.

Serg4394d ago

My guess is Metal Gear Solid 4 isn't selling as expected because people are desperately trying to get that bundle/try to sell their 40gig. By the time Sony officially cancels this bundle Metal Gear sales will rise.

Le-mo4394d ago

There's no doubt that MGS 4 pushed PS3 hardware sales, but that wasn't what I was talking about. I'm just stating that expecting Resistance 2 to sell between 8-10 million copies is just ludicrous considering GTA IV (multiplatform) barely managed to sell 12 million copies worldwide.

butterfinger4394d ago

want to see something stating that 12 million consumers have purchased GTAIV worldwide. 12 million copies may have been sold to stores, but not to consumers. GTAIV barely outsold Halo 3, so it is possible that Resistance 2 could post some amazing numbers. I just don't see it selling some incredible amount. Don't get me wrong, it will sell millions, I just doubt that any of us will be shocked by how many copies it sells.

cahill4394d ago

so 8 million is easily possible

clintos594394d ago

I dont know where u are getting these numbers but from what I know GTA4 has yet to reach the 10 million sales yet and has only sold 7 to 8 million thus far which is very impressive but those number are obviously high since it did come out on the ps3 and the 360. MGS4 to have sold over 3 million copies and still counting for such a short time period and being on one system and is selling out of bundle packs in every store right now is very impressive for MGS4.

caffman4394d ago

it was given away for free with the PS3 in the UK. How about everywhere else

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Skadoosh4394d ago

Remember the first Resistance was a launch game so of course it sold a lot. Look at Perfect Dark Zero. That game was crap and it sold over 2 million. We'll see how Resistance 2 will do with a lot of competition. It will not be a 10 million seller or even a 5 million seller, but I know that I will be in line to buy one.

butterfinger4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

will sell over 5 million copies in the course of a year guaranteed. Resistance 2 will be advertised more than MGS4 was, and the first Resistance sold over 3 million copies with a great online following. Sony wouldn't save a 2-3 million seller for their holiday heavy hitter. They save the big dog. That being said, I still bet it will be outsold by GeOW2. lol

@ Skadoosh: Agreed. 10 million is ridiculous. I disagree about your choices, though. I'll be getting them for the opposite reasons, Gears campaign, Resistance multiplayer:P

Skadoosh4394d ago

Yeah it's a possibility that it might hit 5 million sold but 10 million is just plain silly. Halo 3 will hit it eventually and probably GT5 but that's pretty much it. Gears 2 will outsell Resistance 2 and will be the second biggest seller this year next to GTA4. For me it's going to be Resistance 2 for the campaign and Gears 2 for the multiplayer.

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