Trine 3 dev says "the future of the series is now in question"

Trine 3 developer Forzenbyte said the fantasy adventure series may not continue due to fan backlash over its most recent outing's brief length and cliffhanger conclusion.

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WeAreLegion3251d ago

Fan backlash on the last two Fallout Boy albums was pretty brutal, but I have a feeling they'll keep going.

I wish game developers would all make games for themselves and not for the audience.

no_more_heroes3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

There's no faster way for a series to stagnate than for the creators to try and please the fans.

The only solution I can think of is "throwaway IPs" - singular games made exclusively for trying out things they would've tried doing in another series while not becoming a series itself.

Just to use this as an example, they could have what Trine 3 looks to have turned out to be, but under a different name so that its not a Trine game. That way, the Trine series can always be the same game with each iteration, while having less Trine sequels. In other words, Trine 3 wouldn't exist right now because the game content itself would be under a separate IP name.

That way, developers can flex their creative muscles while keeping fans of a certain series or genre happy.

People would then be able to keep the rice neatly separated from the meat, neatly separated from the veggies on the plate like they want (even though its all going to the same place anyway).

I'm not saying Trine 3 doesn't have its issues, because I can't. I've never played a Trine game for myself before, I've only seen them. I'm just commenting on a trend of the industry and using this game to posit a solution (of sorts). As much as people make me want to donate my head to Caterpillar as a wrecking ball, I hope to become a developer myself one day, so I just sit back, observe and take notes on things.

And sorry for the wall of text...

Heyxyz3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

I think the hate for this game is being blown out of proportion. Yes, there are haters, but I'm seeing way more positive comments. Hate is just always heard louder than positivity.

P.S. I agree with you that devs should make games for themselves. I always say that if you don't love your art how can you expect others to like it.

On a different note:

The last two Fall Out Boy albums were actually pretty well received. The reason you see a backlash is because the people who hate always yell the loudest. Trust me, as someone who (is ashamed to admit) has been a fan of FOB for a long time the reaction to Infinity on High and Folie a Deux were much worse.

rdgneoz33251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

"I think the hate for this game is being blown out of proportion."

Cliffhanger and length aside (it's mentioned being completed in 4 hours), one of the main complaints I've heard is about the move to 3D. 2D worked so well for the series, and now it's 3D with a fixed camera which doesn't help with accuracy at times (worked in 2D but it's not the greatest thing in 3D games). Having to replay levels since you need a certain amount of Trine "angles" to unlock other chapters...

With Trine 3, there is now no experience / leveling or character progression, a huge step back from the previous games. Wizard can also only make 1 box now and that's it... No multiple boxes or boards. Archer can shoot an arrow or use the rope to swing, no fire or frost arrows. The knight can swing his sword, block / ram things, and jump and slam to the ground. No more hammer / hammer throws.

Overall, they basically moved to 3D, dropped any character progression and new abilities characters could get, made it shorter than the past games with an abrupt ending, and added progression blocking with needing Trine "angles" to unlock chapters (which without would probably shrink the play time even more).

If you want a good watch, watch totalbiscuit's WTF is - https://www.youtube.com/wat...

WeAreLegion3250d ago

Actually, you're right. Haha. I just assumed old-school Fallout Boy fans were done with the band years ago. Changing your sound should be seen as a positive thing in music. Especially if you can continue to make great music, as well as consistently kill it with the lyrics.

shammgod3251d ago

Video game fans are too entitled. Ruining a fun series is pathetic.

Ark_3250d ago

Huh? Isn't that the wrong way around? If anything the series is ruined by the developer. They acknowledged to have made mistakes in development and ran out of money. The game feels (allegedly) unfinished now.

Read the Steam comment section.
All the fans are sorry for their bad reviews, because they loved the series, but cannot honestly recommend the third part. There is nothing wrong with those assesments - and far from blind bashing.

Emme3251d ago

People are such whiners nowadays. Damned if You stagnate, damned if You change. What I saw from T3 on Youtube looks fabulous. The "3D" camera looks like it needs getting accustomed to, but so it was for Metroid Prime when it was released.

SilverClock3251d ago

There's nothing wrong with wanting more bang for your buck. It's stupid not to. If I buy a $60 game, I want the most gameplay as possible out of it. People may say that it's the quality not quantity of the hours that matters, but there are some games out there that maintain a lengthy gameplay experience AND be fun at the same time. To prefer anything different does not make any sense to me, but hey, it's your money.

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Godmars2901807d ago

Think CD3 has been beaten on enough.

AK911807d ago

IMO it needs it more so MS don't release a half assed game like that again

Godmars2901807d ago

You mean like State of Decay 2? Sea of Thieves would be on that list if not for patching (and fan defense).

Puttin things out half @$$ed seems to be standard for MS. Still CD3 should get if not a pass then buried and forgotten for being sacrificed as a - failed - proof of concept for trying to prove cloud servers.

AK911807d ago

Crackdown 2 is even more disappointing than 3 though that might be because 2 was a direct sequel to the awesome Crackdown 1.

Other on my list include:
God of War 3
Xenosaga 2
Devil May Cry 2
Tekken 6
Spider-man the Movie 3 (thought not as bad as the film)
Duke Nukem Forever
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
No More Heroes 2
Crysis 2
Walking Dead Season 2
Def Jam Icon (this one hurts my soul)
Street Fighter 5 launch version
Mortal Kombat 10