Pack Slaves into Your Ship Like Tetris Blocks in Slave Trade

Playing History 2 - Slave Trade supposedly teaches the horrors of slavery. But does it really?

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nucky641155d ago

please tell me this is NOT a real game.

brimby1155d ago

I'm afraid it is, my friend. Or at least it will be in September. I believe the developer's intention is to show that slavery was terrible, but I'm just not sure if slave Tetris will evoke more sympathy or humor.

nucky641155d ago

it just seems to me..........and maybe I'm wrong - but, a game about slavery (for any reason) feels wrong. smh

Sureshot1155d ago

Great.. More ammo for anti-game activists. Get this shit out of the industry

coolbeans1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

While this idea sounds stupid, why should we get this out of the industry? Heck, Key & Peele can use the background of chattel slavery for a comedic sketch but games can't touch the issue in a comedic fashion (intentionally or unintentionally)?

This is the result of any art form in a society that believes in free speech.

KryptoniteTail1154d ago

Here come the haters dictating. Day 1 just for that and to support freedom to have controversial games.

MasterCornholio1154d ago

That looks pretty bad.

I'm not talking about the slavery part. I'm just saying it looks like a bad game to me in my opinion

NitrousX1154d ago

From the trailer, that I have seen imo it does not look as offensive as I thought it would be. Reading more into its trying to be as informative and educational to young people, and interactive in way a that's not too dark or derogatory. For me being a black person I'm ok with this, and I might even consider purchasing it, as it looks like a god interesting take on presenting a piece of history of the past.