Horizon Zero Dawn Gets New Concept Art And In-Game Screenshots Showing Volumetric Cloudscapes

Guerrilla Games recently held a technical presentation on the Volumetric Cloudscapes of Horizon Zero Dawn at SIGGRAPH 2015. In this presentation, they also showed some unreleased concept art and screenshots from the game revealing the evolution of Skies in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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trywizardo1241d ago

damn , the game art looks incredible , this graphic with a full open world is technical achievement

spicelicka1241d ago

Guerilla games always have amazing art style

MrSec841241d ago

Yep, they seem to have evolved so much, in all areas.
The more I hear them talking about this, the more confident and excited for it I am.
IMO Killzone is an awesome series, which was definitely up my street, but Horizon appeals to me even more than that.

I can't wait for this!

miyamoto1241d ago

Team Guerilla Games
Team Fallout New Vegas
Team Witcher 3
are all working on this game

So awesomeness is expected.

Travis37081241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Can't wait to see more gameplay!

Looks amazing!

ninsigma1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

This game looks incredible. Every generation a playstation console just seems to push the boundaries of expectation. It's one of the many reasons it's my primary platforms. After seeing this at e3 I was just so blown away! Especially by the fact that it was the first reveal and they had such a big game play showing! Just amazing. I love these guys for making killzone (except the first, hated that one), I had so much fun over the ps3 gen playing kz2 and 3 online. Shadow fall was awesome as well. Each one pushed the graphical expectations up a notch every time. So I'm glad they are putting all their knowledge into something new. And they have really gone big. My biggest admiration towards them on this is for how they acknowledged that story telling has been consistently the weakest part of their games so they hired some great guys in for the story on horizon. Not only that, but they also didn't just say "oh we can totally do huge open world now because our last few games were awesome". They got in experts on open world from the likes of cd projekt red to help them out. It really looks like they're going to out do themselves on this one and just cannot wait to be apart of this experience :D

gijsbrecht1241d ago

Everything looks so good. I even like what they are trying to do with the HUD; it's so completely in the same style as the atmosphere of the game. Pretty sure a lot will change during the course of development, but one can already see a glimpse of what they are aiming for. Great stuff.

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