Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Shows Stunning Time Lapse Of World, Talks About Building An Open World RPG

In their SIGGRAPH 2015 presentation based on the real-time Volumetric Cloudscapes in Horizon Zero Dawn, Principal FX Artist Andrew Schneider details their methods for rendering the clouds in Horizon Zero Dawn, also explaining the importance of them in an open world game.

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nucky641151d ago

at the end of this, look in the "related videos" and hit the ign vid "zero dawn reactions" - an amazing look at this game

Irishguy951151d ago

Can some one tell me more about the RPG elements in this game? It seems like an open world action game to me so far. Which is fine of course, it looks amazing either way. Are GG just keeping tight lipped on the RPG elements or did they reveal them already and I simply missed it?

Krakin11151d ago

They say its somewhere between Assassin's Creed and Skyrim.

GameDev11151d ago

Basically GG said they wont go into depth about the RPG elements until they can show us

So maybe PGW or PSX conference but definitely this year

miyamoto1151d ago

the biggest clue on the rpg elements is that Fallout and Witcher 3 guys are working on this game.

Forn1151d ago

This game will set a new benchmark for open-world games, visually and otherwise. Mark my words.

Deadlead1151d ago

Last gen ND and GG upped expectations with KZ2 and UC2 in the same year 2009. That feat will be achieved once more in 2016 with Horizon and UC4 for the PS4.

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miyamoto1150d ago

Now that is the true "power of the cloud"!

gangsta_red1151d ago

This and Scalebound are two very interesting open world RPG's coming out in the future.

Jalva1151d ago

Horizon interests me, Scalebound looks extremely boring though, but to each their own!

TwoForce1151d ago

Nice predending. I know you try to be nice but nope.

inveni01150d ago

Scalebound had me interested as a system seller at first, but I can't really get on board with the main character. Would have been more intriguing with a female protagonist. (Imagine that dragon arm on a badass chick.) For now, I'm waiting out more info.

skratchy1150d ago

@ inveni0

I couldn't agree more. Scalebound looks cheesy and base. Kids like dragons and dubstep, right? Put them in the game! Hell, they should call it Dubstep and Dragons instead :P

ninsigma1151d ago

Yeah scalebound has shown itself to be quite an interesting title. For some reason I get an og xbox vibe from it. I hope these two don't release at the same time, I can't be dealing with two rpgs at once xD

sovkhan1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

LOl!!! Horizon is totally on an other dimension compared to Scalebound ( graphics wise ), which by the way is no open world!!!

Kal0psia1150d ago

You haven't played the game yet, and yes Scalebound is open world. Besides it's Sony, I've never trusted anything they show off til' launch.

sovkhan1150d ago


From what we have seen in IGN footage, Scalebound is not open world!!!

And KZSF is already miles ahead of Scalebound, and made by the same devs!!! but you can still be sceptical.

Kal0psia1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )


I think you haven't watched the latest IGN interview.

Also just recently announced by Gamespot they'll have an hour long panel at PAX Prime Aug. 31 with Kamiya and JP Kellams for extensive information on Scalebound. Its open world, now the questio is is it Skyrim open world or Witcher 3 with multiple open worlds? We'll see.

sovkhan1150d ago


Thanks for the link, i did not see that.

I think we will figure it out by the end of the month, but it seems that if it's really open world then there will be many to access via portals.

Unless they changed everything, but i highly doubt it ;)

lategamer1150d ago

While KZ:SF was a graphically impressive game, lets be honest here, it was fairly mediocre. A very by the books FPS with gorgeous graphics. Scalebound is made by one of the keymakers of Devil May Cry & the team behind Bayonetta. It's going to be great (gameplay-wise).

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alabtrosMyster1150d ago

Scalebound's character looks like some kind of a douche bag... he is really trying really hard to be cool for some reason... This is not appealing!

The dragon looks nice, too bad he is not alone (or the guy should be more like the character in the Panzer Dragoon series, almost completely silent).

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gijsbrecht1151d ago

Wow, so this is what we can expect in game? Simply amazing. So great Guerrilla is stressing how vast this world is and how varied. Can' t get enough of these tiny snippets of info.

S2Killinit1151d ago

so looking forward to this game. Its great to see a new ip with so much potential.

freshslicepizza1151d ago

very nice, looking forward to it. good to see guerilla get out of their element

SmokingMonkey1151d ago

Best. Clouds. Ever!

-Comic Book Guy

Seriously, these are the greatest clouds in video game history!

Maybe, anyone seen better cloud rendering?

HZD Collectors Edition day 1.

d4v03331151d ago

They announced a collector's edition? This looks amazing!

SmokingMonkey1151d ago

They have NOT.

I am just assuming, don't go googling things that are not there, you will get Rick Rolled.

I will buy "the expensive" collectors edition for HZD, if they make it.

d4v03331150d ago

hahaha i did google it but never got rick rolled :)

Skate-AK1151d ago

I agree. Best I have seen. I do remember being wowed by RAGES clouds when it came out.

Jalva1151d ago

The power of the cloud!

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