Why Is Rock Band 4 More Expensive on Xbox One Than PS4?

Harmonix has revealed the reason for the pricing difference between the PS4 and Xbox One standalone versions of Rock Band 4.

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2pacalypsenow1240d ago

Because the xbox 1 comes with an adapter and the PS4 works right outta the box on the peripherals

LOGICWINS1240d ago

Held on to my instruments for six years waiting for this day to come. I hope they still work. Harmonix should have a buyback program for old instruments. I'd happily let them take my old instruments for a discount on the new ones.

GranTurismoFan1239d ago

Entitlement is strong in this one

Unspoken1239d ago

Xbox uses faster and newer WiFi direct requiring an adapter. PS4 uses old Bluetooth technology.

captainbigballs1240d ago

so basically, if you have the xbox one don't buy it.

$80 for a game is ridiculous in 2015.
I was looking forward to it too, oh well.

RiseofScorpio1240d ago

Well yes since I still have my old instruments so its worth it to me.

ThePope1240d ago

$80 is not ridiculous for a game in 2015. $60 is ridiculous for a game in 2015. We've been paying the same for games for almost 11 years! You do realize games are 50% of not 100% bigger and deeper than they were 11 years ago. If developers could make more money there would be more of them and games.

DragonKnight1240d ago

@ThePope: Feel free to volunteer $20 more per game you buy. No one is stopping you.

aconnellan1239d ago

"$80 for a game is ridiculous in 2015. "

Whereabouts do you live? In Australia prices have been $90-$120 for a brand new game for as long as I can remember, I'm used to it.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1239d ago

Nintendo had plenty of $80 games on the SNES. FF2 (FF3), FF3 (FF5), Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Spiderman and pretty much all AAA games on SNES were $80 on day 1.

Neo-Geo games were $200 new. Nintendo went to discs because they new if they stuck to cartridges it would force them to sell games for $100 per game due to increased memory requirements, they seen how high prices stopped Neo-Geo from going mainstream even though Neo-Geo was a superior console in its day.

Point being, they need to make money. This requires a price which won't detour consumers. While I do believe prices will go up eventually, they can't get greedy or they'll go the way of the Neo-Geo (Thankfully the rights to SNK and its games were bought because Neo-Geo was the console of choice for fighting games)

Doll83131239d ago

Are you kidding? If you're a fan of the franchise right now your option is to spend $100's on a game and new guitar OR spend $80 on the game and an adapter.

Are you really *that* irrational?

deafdani1239d ago

Did you even read the reason for the price, dude? The Xbox One version comes with an adapter, which is needed if you want your old peripherals to work with the game.

Or do you believe Harmonix should just give you that adapter for free?

Death1239d ago

Rockband Band in a box is $249.99 on the PS4 and Xbox One. Rockband 4 with the guitar is $129.99 on the PS4 and Xbox One. If you have the instruments from previous gens then on PS4 it's disc only for $59.99 and on Xbox One $79.99 for the disc and adapter.

captainbigballs1239d ago

@aconnellan good point, it could be worse

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XanderZane1239d ago

Don't understand why they just didn't make new instruments that are compatible with the XB1. So gamers can only use the older XBox 360 instruments with the XB1 version or is there a XB1 bundle that comes with brand new instruments that will work for the XB1 out of the box? I'm not getting the game anyway, but I'm just curious.

bolbgt1239d ago

There are new instruments that work with Xbox One. The issue is that OLD instruments don't work with Xbox One WITHOUT the adapter. That's why the standalone edition cost more but the bundled game (with new instrument) doesn't cost more. If you're getting a standalone (without an instrument) version, it's probably because you want to use old instrument, so they are bundling it.

cl19831239d ago

It's part of the backwards compatibly.

TheXgamerLive1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Xbox One works right out of the Xbox too. Please read and understand the post. Also its an option if needed, theirs more than 1 SKU available. 1 is also the same cost as the ps4.

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brianunfried1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Why don't third party peripherals use bluetooth? Doesn't make sense, too expensive maybe. I would pay extra to get rid of the dongle.

lashes2ashes1240d ago

The 360 instruments don't use Bluetooth or the 360 system. The dongle is so you can use the old instruments. Ps4 and PS3 both used Bluetooth so thus no need for a dongle.

brianunfried1240d ago

You are incorrect, all instruments on the PS3 use RF wireless and require a RF receiver.

Highlife1240d ago

Brian is right I own all 3 ps3 rock band games and all instruments came with a dongle now don't know what kind of connection it had with the dongle but it was there

Omegasyde1240d ago

there is going to be a dongle you can buy for rockband that lets use old instruments
it will be extra, but better than buying a new set

brianunfried1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

If a peripheral has an extra piece of hardware that plugs into the USB port then it uses RF (Radio Frequency). If it doesn't then it uses Bluetooth. Didn't realize there were so many people that don't know the difference. RF is the old technology that television remotes have been using for over 50 years. You learned something new today.

mkis0071240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

you do not need anything new for them to work. The original dongle is all a ps4 player needs to play with the ps3 kits.

thisgamer5031240d ago

Television sets have been using IR haven't they? Am I in the twilight zone? I wish they used RF. We wouldn't have to have clear line of site to the tv if that were the case.

Seriously, someone please correct me if i'm wrong.

dumahim1240d ago

TVs use IF. If it was RF you wouldn't need line of sight.

boing11240d ago

And I didn't realize that people don't know the difference between RF and IR.

MainstreamGamer1240d ago

since when did Television remote use RF? I think you meant IR, as in Infrared. TV remotes is line of sight not Radio Frequency.

VenomUK1239d ago

@Mainstream Gamer.

Most TVs use IR but some do use RF. I have a 5 year old Samsung TV that at the time of purchase was top of the range. It uses a Radio Frequency signal and is brilliant because it doesn't have to have a line of sight to work. You can be slouched in your sofa pointing the remote at the ceiling or even in another room and it still works!

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Dudebro901240d ago

The adapter should be $10. $20 for a USB adapter is insane.

LeCreuset1240d ago

What I was thinking. Seems like a price grab wrapped around legitimate reasons.

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