One-upmanship will shorten console lifecycles - Carmack writes: "Speaking at QuakeCon, id Software's John Carmack has suggested that the competitive nature of home console manufacturers will shorten the lifecycle of the current generation of machines.

While Sony has always maintained that the PlayStation 3 will remain on the market for ten years, and Microsoft wants the Xbox 360 to last longer than the four year's of its predecessor, Carmack believes that first mover advantage will tempt manufacturers to push out hardware sooner rather than later.

"What happens with all of these vendors on the next generation - the timing of all this - is going to be interesting. We know a little bit more now than we did a year ago, but not a huge amount," he said."

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avacadosnorkel4396d ago

so does this mean the next xbox will have a bluray drive, a standard HDD, and wi-fi?

Harry1904396d ago

Carmack's abilities to develop great game engines,but I do question most other things he says about the Gaming Industry. It seems he still has not acknowledged the necessity to develop differently to get more from the PS3.

TheExecutive4396d ago

I would have agreed with him at the beginnning of this generation. However, one can no longer ignore Nintendo's Wii. They are making so much money they have no idea what to do with it. Dont think MS and Sony dont see this.

PenisaurisDix4395d ago

Look at the Wii Motion and imagine that as your GPU.
Games on the platform are already managed now, ie your achievements and software updates / patches / DLC.

The Xbox/PS3 will come with a stock GPU unit, and every two years or so, upgrade packs to the GPU will come. The games will be able to detect which "chip" you are running and turn down / turn up effects and resolution modes based on your config.

Games that target the new chip like Gears of War 4 will sell the chips and these will be an incremental cost of 100-200 dollars and from Microsoft strategy of wifi cable etc we know that gamers tolerate this practice because they "want the best".

Software will be SAS - Software as a service, and so will be your Dashboard GUI etc. I imagine the GPU being like the "All Spark" in Optimus Prime's chest and boy will you have fun socketing in a new model !!!