Capcom Publisher Sale offers deals on 3DS, Wii U

Capcom Blog:
Be sure to fire up your 3DS and Wii U this week for big discounts on a variety of Capcom titles. Full list after the jump.

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joshw20111151d ago

I just bought Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies a few days ago. Could have saved $13. :-/

KryptoniteTail1151d ago

Pheonix Wright Trilogy being in sale at $22.49 is still too much. Digital sales should be far cheaper on older games. This didn't just come out a couple months ago. Nintendo hardly ever has good sales on eShop but at least I don't have to spend money I don't have, haha.

Metallox1151d ago

The sale doesn't last much. Who knows if I will be able to get money by then, but I'll try to give MH3U a shot.