TeamXbox Feature: The Gods of Too Human: Heimdall

TeamXbox writes: "The latest entry in our running feature on the Norse gods of Too Human focuses on "director of operations", Heimdall. Less a big brutish thug than brawlers like Thor, Heimdall will be the conveyor of information in the game, helping you along with decoding the story and feeding you info through his cybernetic implants. Once again, the team at Silicon Knights answered some of our burning questions about the Custodian of Bilfrost.

Heimdall's basic role is information gathering. How will he use that to assist you in the game?

Silicon Knights: Heimdall is the "director of operations" of the Aesir and directs the overall day-to-day activity of the gods in their struggle against the machines. Consequently, he passes on the will of Odin to the gods and helps them achieve their goals. In the game, Heimdall gives Baldur his missions and assigns assets to his command – weapons, equipment, wolf troopers and so on."

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