Grandia II Anniversary Edition Gets Launch Screenshots

GungHo Online Entertainment America has released the launch screenshots for Grandia II Anniversary Edition.

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FlexLuger1153d ago

W10 with acheivments? I was never much for JRPGs, but I always gave the sega ones my time, as a diehard sega fan. :)

Death1152d ago

Dusted off my Dreamcast and Grandia 2 last night. I should have a sealed version of Grandia on the Playstation somewhere. I'll have to finally break the seal and play through with my kid before Grandia 2. So many great RPG's on the OG PS. I have both Lunar's on SegaCD and PS. These were my favorite Playstation games.

Scarfy1152d ago

I think I quite literally only lost one battle in the entire game when I played it before, and that was right at the end. Fun game, really enjoyed it.

Crowserk1152d ago

Sweet fucking baby jesus this blog needs to get their shit together and make a proper mobile version of their site and also get rid of that ridiculous "skip ad" page. We get it, you're trying to monetize your content, but the way you're going about it on your blog is archaic and cumbersome for mobile users (which are increasingly growing in popularity versus desktop/laptop users).

In other news, dope game.