Ubisoft Invest in MMOne: Full-Motion VR Project

VRFocus reports on the announcement that Ubisoft has invested in MM-Company's MMOne full-motion VR technology, set to debut this October.

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TeamLeaptrade1248d ago

That's pretty cool. I would love to own one of those chairs.

kevco331248d ago

Reminds me of the F-Zero AX cabinet with the rollercoaster type chair. i.e. Awesome.

Player1241248d ago

VR is a good gaming medium but it still needs a lot of time to grow

SteamPowered1248d ago

Time to grow? Technically it hasnt even been birthed yet.

MasterD9191247d ago

Doesn't seem very practical except for flying and racing games. At that point, it's an expensive game chair.