Peter Molyneux admits his old games were 'atrocious mistakes.'

Gameplayer's Quotes of the Week column includes this startling admission from Molyneux, plus gems from American McGee, Cliffy B., and John Riccitiello.

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3826d ago
Scarfy3826d ago

Populous 1 & 2, Syndicate, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper... All crap.

Thank God you don't make games like THAT any more, Peter.

(Yes, I am being sarcastic)

Ghoul3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

that guy (genius no matter what) is a craptalker galore.

its allways the same with lil pete. upcoming game of his needs hype.
2.he promises whatever comes to his mind while hes being interviewd (trust me i know people that worked with him, and pete seriously comes up with new stuff while he speaks) order to convince everyone that hes not craptalking this time he commits that his past games where whack and that the most promised parts where left out, but not this time (promise again)

in the end we get a great game, nothing more nothing less :)

i would pay up to 100€ for a syndicate2 (syndicate 1 was incredible)

supahbad3826d ago

that's what i was thinking, he wan't fable2 to start building more hype

hulk_bash19873826d ago

Well heres hoping dat Fable 2 lives up 2 the hype hes building up 4 it.

PwnShop3826d ago

He doesn't say that his old games were mistakes just that he had made mistakes, meaning that he probably meant that some of the game designs he chose were mistakes not the entire game.

Charmers3826d ago

Any word on when Peter Molyneux is going to give us a refund then ?. I haven't touched a Molyneux game since that god awful Black and White. I personally think the guy is washed up and hasn't got a bright idea anywhere in that balding head of his. Yet people still fall for his con jobs that he passes off as games.

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