Devil May Cry 4 "Getting Pirated To Hell And Back"

When it comes to keeping PC gamers in the loop on their console games, Capcom have long been one of the good guys. And how do PC gamers repay the favour? Same way a lot of PC gamers always do: with mass acts of piracy. When quizzed about the state of Devil May Cry 4's PC sales on Capcom's forums, Christian Svensson replied...

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pwnsause4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

ROFL, this was expected. im not surprised. this game should of stayed on consoles not on the PC, games like DMC 4 should not go to the PC, its not a PC friendly game, you need a controller to play this, not a mouse and Keyboard. Better yet it should of stayed on the PS3. Capcom killed the quality of this game by bringing it to all formats, a game that had so much potential, but they killed it. this game was supposed to push alot of enemeies and have an amazing AI when it was announced only for PS3, but as i said before, they killed it by spreading it to all platforms.

The_Devil_Hunter4319d ago

I agree, Why did capcom stabed us in the back and released the game in multiplatform.......*sigh*

theKiller4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

i was about to download it from torrents but i thought again and said "its not worth the time i spend on it" so i removed it and i will never play it again!!

if i have time i would rather get COD4!!

Veryangryxbot4319d ago

This is why PC gaming is dead and people keep saying how its alive.

Well its dead, cos everything is ripped and pirated unless you are World of Warcraft.

So yes, if you are not BLIZZARD, youre a frikkin loser who has no business on the PC platform (so suck on that Gabe Newell, frikkin moron - youre not even remotely close to be compared to with Blizzard).

Its simple. If I had a PC that could run DMC4, I wouldnt buy the frikkin game either. So what makes these dumbasses think developing for PC is all that?

Charmers4319d ago

@ Veryangryxbot - this kind of game is dead on the PC. I don't know anyone that wanted DMC4 on the PC in the first place. So they bring DMC4 out and it cannot be played with a mouse and keyboard so what was the point ? Capcom made no effort to make this game fit the PC, it is just a straight port nothing else.

It is not piracy that is to blame it is the fact this is just a console game running on the PC and they are shocked it didn't sell !!!! I wouldn't even say Devil May Cry 4 is even being heavily pirated, most of my PC friends tried the demo and came to the conclusion the game wasn't even worth the bandwidth they would use to pirate it. Now if people are not even willing to waste bandwidth on your game, they sure are not going to waste money on it either.

The PC is not dead but games like DMC4 have NO place on the PC unless they are going to tailor it to the PC's control system.

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PwnShop4319d ago

They didn't need to make a PC port, it probably just cost them more money to optimize and scale for all the different computers and yet people are pirating their games. Soon pirates will have nothing to steal as PC developers will get fed up.

shazam4319d ago

at least the ps3 version is still safe from the pirates

RemmM4319d ago

It will ALWAYS happen nomatter how many times companies complain...there are hundreds of torrent sites and such.

Yuji Naka4318d ago

Thats what they get for turning against PS3, and Square Enix will get it too.

Turbo Teddy4319d ago

And even so a lot of companies is trying hard to keep up the legitimacy of PC gaming by developing new graphic cards and CPU/GPU what ever.. even though that the games made for PC is "free to download" a minute after their release..

Cerberus_Hunter4319d ago

"Getting Pirated To Hell And Back" EXCLUSIVE for 360 and PC!

Anyway...DMC and DMC3 are better games. I got the DMC4:CE and i'm very dissapointed at Capcom. $90 wasted

mirroredderorrim4319d ago

I don't know how long the piracy free PS3 will be around, but it's right now where it counts, as game companies know PS3 does in fact curve piracy to a degree.

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