Bwah? There's An Xbox 360 Shortage In Japan?!

Tales of Vesperia is launching in Japan soon. August 7th, actually. And some people seem pretty excited. It's the tenth entry in the Tales series. The Namco Bandai title is an Xbox 360 exclusive, so that just might mean that Microsoft will move more than it's standard 3,000 Xbox 360s a week in Japan. Or not.

As of posting, Amazon Japan is sold out of new HDMI Xbox 360s (but does have Elites). HAPPINET, one of the major Xbox 360 distributors in Japan, are sold out of everything but the Elite. According to game store clerk threads on 2ch, the Xbox 360 will be restocked after Tales of Vesperia is released. What's more, the Tales of Versperia bundle is apparently limited to something like 7,000.

The reason for the shortages?

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Hydrolex4326d ago

Xbox 360 shortage in Japan doesn't mean Xbox 360 is selling left and right, up and down.

It means that no body buys so Microsoft doesn't ship too many 360s to Japan.

Conclusion: Xbox 360 failed in Japan. I mean why would they buy 360 when they have the PS3. Imagine their 360 gets rrod. they have to send it all the way down to U.S and get it back.

qface644325d ago

seriously im laughing thats considered a shortage xD

Montrealien4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

So the point of your comment was to remind us that the 360 is done in Japan right? What do you care? Do you have a vested interest in it failing? And if you do, does it really matter? I`m willing to bet that some people in Japan want to get a 360 to play a few RPGs and there is absolutly nothing wrong with that, let them game how ever they want.

I think anybody that has a pulse and follows gaming news is fully aware that the Ps3 doing well in Japan, you pointing it out and trying to make sure we don`t missunderstand this pice of news as good for the 360 in Japan is borderline the F word and would be better suited in the open zone no?

AuToFiRE4325d ago

you do know the easier way of saying that is called "creating artificial demand"

LightningPS34326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

People keep talking about a possible FFVII remake for PS3. The way things are going, Microsoft will pay up to have Final Fantasy 7 remake "exclusive to 360".

Microsoft is desperate to make an impact in japan, and FFVII would do that.

Sony wake up!!!!! You're loosing it all.

4326d ago
B-Rein4326d ago

you are completley rite, when i was playin lost odyssey i was more worried about if my 360 wud end up with rrod then then the story line of teh game, but in the end it shared the fate of all other 360s ...rrod

The Wood4326d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

they 'bought' exclusives outright. MS just seem to buy multiplats, timed exclusives and dlc for astronomical prices just to catch up to sony to be fair


oh sorry

ms do buy exclusives outright and they dont want the games sony have so they are not trying to catch up because they were the last gens winners *sigh*


By attack you mean increase sale from 3000 to 7000 ?? awwww come on...

Sonics0204325d ago

Yea Honestly they may outsell PS3 for one week in japan but the lead is so big that Square would not make the new FF7 game exclusive it would just not allow fans of the series to play the game. The way Ps3 sales have improved , and the fact that japanese developed games sell better on the PS3 than 360 I wouldn't be surprised if a few new JRPGs were announced by year's end. Not to mention the rumored PS3 tales game and the high probablity of Star Ocean becoming Multiplatform.

foodbox4325d ago


take your off-topic heat-failure FUD to the open zone.

The problem was fixed over a year ago, get some new material chump.

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read disc error4326d ago

When Lost Odyssey was released 360 sales rivalled PS3 sales in Japan for a couple weeks. The same will happen when Star Ocean, Last Remnant, and Infinite Undiscovery are released. People like to be fanboys but they also like to play their favorite JRPGs more.

AAACE54325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Another interesting fact that people aren't paying attention to is, Square Enix is testing what can be done on the 360. With them releasing all the other RPG's for 360, they will be seeing how much sales will increase for the system.

And I hate for the fanboys to hear it but, If sales for 360 increase significantly in japan with those games... it is highly likely that FFXIII could be announced for 360 as well at some later date! Which could explain why they haven't officially announced a release date.

I know it's a long shot, but people thought the PSP was dead in japan, and DS would rule forever... but the tides have dramatically changed for PSP, so anything is possible!

clintos594326d ago

Took them only 3 years to finally have shortages in japan, lol. Despite the 360 poor sales in japan, u gotta give them credit that they are trying very hard to give japanese gamers games they want even if it is just a small success, compare there success for the 360 to the original xbox, MS has got to be pretty happy.

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