Deus Ex: Mankind Divided marketed with "aug awareness" posters

New Yorkers have spotted marketing for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided disguised as propaganda posters pasted around the city, with detailed illustrations to emphasise the fictional threat of "augs", i.e. augmented humans. Kotaku spotted the posters on Uproxx, but the photo above is from All Games Beta.

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bixxel1155d ago

THe True Next Gen starts with Deus Ex Mankind DIvided!

ZaWarudo1155d ago

That is so badass. I haven't seen any while commuting in Manhattan, though .

TeamLeaptrade1155d ago

Wish some of these posters showed up where I live, would be pretty cool. Will they be selling these posters? I sure hope so.

theshredded1155d ago

That pic reminds of crysis, shame that game turned into sh*t like the rest of EA's games

annoyedgamer1155d ago

The moment I saw the gun modification screen I knew it came right out of the original Crysis. But yea, EA doing as they do best ruined the title.

ZeekQuattro1155d ago

Barring some mishap Mankind Divided will be one of my games of the year for 2016. I loved Human Revolution and its Directors Cut version.

Kingdomcome2471155d ago

Same here. I think it will definitely contend for GOTY, though it has a tough road to hoe with everything that's set to release next year.