MGS5: The Phantom Pain Has a True Ending, Is Extraordinary But Difficult to Unlock

GameRevolution: "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's release next week signals the end of Hideo Kojima's involvement with the Metal Gear series. It's a significant moment in the video game industry, as he has contributed several of the most well-regarded games in history. Knowing that time was working against him, Kojima made sure to put in every ounce of effort he had into making The Phantom Pain a fulfilling experience. Judging by the extraordinarily positive reviews of the title, he may have struck his mark.

Story has always been an important component of the Metal Gear franchise, enough so that fans have spent the last few years actively participating in discussion about the plot of the final Metal Gear game. Knowing this, Kojima made sure to include something that fans would find special."

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umair_s511149d ago

But how do unlock this true ending? What are the prerequisite conditions?

JonnyBigBoss1149d ago

Konami has embargoed the details. That said, playing on hard and collecting all the cassette tapes is a good start.

Omar911149d ago

True but isn't there only one difficulty first play through? I think we have to unlock hard after our first run if I'm not mistaken

carcarias1148d ago


Maybe it will be like Ground Zeroes? You simply re-play missions at a higher setting rather than starting a whole new campaign and choosing the difficulty right at the start.

I'd go look for details but I don't want to stumble across spoilers.

just_looken1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


Complete all missions s rank

and or complete all missions including extra ops a rank or higher like peace walker.

TLG19911148d ago

if it is something soul destroying and fun sapping, youtube!

Master of Unlocking1148d ago

The requisite conditions, first and foremost?
...having the game. >:(
I can't seem to be able to find the collector's edition with the prosthetic arm and the making of footage for my PS3 anywhere.

kradendarkstar21148d ago

The collectors edition sets were only for current gen if I'm not mistaken, got my PS4 version coming soon!

Razputin1148d ago

Yes only for PS4 and Xbox One.

I managed to secure a copy for each. Amazon was first to sell it, selling out on the PS4 version nearly instantly. Literally an hour or so went by and it was gone had to settle for the Xbox One version.

Same with Gamestop when they finally put it up for sale. Sold out instantly luckily a few weeks ago they received more allowed copies for the PS4 and snagged one as well.

Your best bet will be 3rd party sellers. and eBay will have them.

Bansai1148d ago

Sooner or later the details will surface so no worries here.

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joab7771149d ago

I've always thought that it would be cool to add different endings to different difficulty settings. I'm not sure though about a "trye" ending behind difficult tasks. The audio tapes make sense b/c they are story related.

This seems to be a new trend I guess. I'm a completionsist so I don't mind it, but many ppl will, especially if a single glitch ruins the opportunity. Mayne not a "true" ending, but further information etc.

Pitch_Blanck1149d ago

I think you have to keep playing after the first end to unlock it.

umair_s511149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

They are saying there is more to it than that

maximus19851149d ago

Challenge accepted. Gray Fox here i come

C L O U D1149d ago

Haven't 100% a game for a while...might as well with this

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